TronWallet 2018 Community Awards

Because Community rules!

As you know, TronWallet is a community-driven project on TRON network and many decisions we make come from conversations, reviews and active engagement from members of our community.

From general direction of the project to very specific development priorities, we ask and poll our community for feedback and preferences. During this year, in 2 different polls, users chose DEXchange and Two-factor Authentication (2FA) features as priorities for development and both were quickly embraced.

In addition to participating in the daily conversation and providing great feedback, the following members went one step beyond and we want to take the time to recognize their significant contribution to TronWallet project, team and community.

The 2018 TronWallet Community Awards go to:

Come. From. Beginning

Twitter: @from_beginning_

Come.From.Beginning has been at the forefront of our community graphic design, starting with popular telegram channel stickers, gifs and evolving to TWLT design and future branding. In addition, outstanding advice on exchange and trading that allows us to build a better product. All unsolicited, he came forward and proposed. We gladly accepted :)

Martin Ruetten

Twitter: @madorange79

Martin has proposed several animated designs, from product videos (first animated DEX teaser) to SR communication. Very flexible with our always changing requests yet strict with delivering top quality product. We like Martin’s work so much that our partner company GETTY/IO is working with Martin in other projects. Keep it moving!

Sang-joon, Moon (aka dakeshi)

Twitter: @dkartisto

As an experienced software developer, Dakeshi has supported us since the early days, with extensive app testing, test reviews and also helping other users in the community. In addition, he prepared Korean language and led the early efforts to localize for over 30 languages. Always looking forward and passionately pushing our team to go the extra mile, Dakeshi doesn’t wait for change, he makes it happen. And we love it!

As a token of our community’s gratitude, each winner will receive a TronWallet Lifetime Token (TWLT) for outstanding contribution.

Thank you!