TWLT — TronWallet Lifetime Subscription Token

Yesterday TronWallet had a big announcement as we introduced the TronWallet Fee Model to our community. We wanted to get a discussion going and we did! You, our community, provided a lot of constructive feedback including many suggestions and different views. We appreciate all of you taking the time to provide us with that valuable feedback. Based on your feedback, we have decided to update our fixed price method for you to access Tron Wallet features, for life.

Features of holding a TronWallet Lifetime Subscription Token

TronWallet has created a brand new TRC10 token, the TronWallet Lifetime Subscription Token (TWLT). Holding just one TronWallet Lifetime Subscription Token (TWLT) in your TronWallet will entitle you to an exclusive level of subscription, the Lifetime VIP tier. The Lifetime VIP tier will be yours for as long as you hold the token. You can resell your token at any time, but your Lifetime VIP Tier subscription will transfer with it to the new token owner.

The Lifetime VIP Tier subscription will allow you unlimited free access to every feature of your TronWallet, with the exception of the vote for listing fee. This means you can: vote for super representatives, send or receive accepted cryptocurrencies, utilize 2FA authentication, enjoy premium support, save your contacts on cloud, perform atomic swaps to ETH or BTC, request payments, make payments, participate, claim airdrops, and perform unlimited no fee trades on the TronWallet Dex.

TWLT will have a restricted supply and release dates

TWLT is a limited-edition token and will have a restricted release. Only 10,000 tokens have been created and no additional TWLT will ever be created. These 10,000 tokens will be released on schedule of only 1000 per year. As an introductory offer, 2018’s supply of TWLTs is on sale now. Once these are sold out, the next sale for TWLT won’t be until January of 2019.

The schedule for token sales will be:

2018 = 1000 tokens sold (on sale now), January 2019 = 1000 tokens, January 2020 = 1000 tokens and so on each year until January 2027.

Special benefit only to TWLT holders

As a special benefit for TWLT holders will be a higher ratio on Airdrops done by partner tokens. While the ratio for each partner may vary, you can expect about 2x to 10x as many coins as other subscription tiers. This benefit is ONLY available to TWLT holders. We anticipate many partnerships in the future (one coming soon as soon as 1st week of December) and holding a TWLT will ensure you get the highest ratio of airdrop available.

How do I get a TWLT?

In response to feedback from the community, we have changed our pricing. For the 2018 round of token sales, 1 TWLT token will be sold for 200,000 TWX. However, during this special promotional sale of TWLT, we are selling each token at a 50% discount. That means until Sunday December 2, 2018 at 11:00PM PST you can purchase a TWLT for only 100,000 TWX.

You can purchase the TWLT through our regular channels, including the TronWallet telegram channel .

Sounds attractive… ? Well, it is! Hurry up and get your TronWallet Lifetime Subscription Token before the 2019 supply is sold out!