9 Ingenious Marketing Strategies of Uber

What Every on-demand Service Businesses Should Learn

You have an excellent business idea, a technically hard-headed development team, futuristic scope for expansion, full-proof revenue model, and every damn possible thing in the world that makes your product stand out in the market of billion such tall competitors.

But still being brutally honest, I can guarantee you this is not enough to build a sustainable business.

There’s something more to just being passionate about your business and development.

There’s marketing to let your end-users know that you care for their ease to carry out certain task in a hassle-free manner.

Let’s spare some time for your idea.

It would not be exaggerating to say that marketing is the heart that circulates the targeted audience in order to make a successful business.

Gone are the days when hoardings were considered to be the best sources for people to look up to them and feel the urge to adopt the product.

Literally speaking, even while walking down the streets and lanes, today people access their phones and don’t acknowledge the hoardings.

In such cases, but obvious it is the right time to take the marketing to a very next step of digitization.

Talking about the successful businesses, Uber is what is seen as a synonym to the most disruptive business in its domain.

What better than learning the art to strike a chord with the audience in an ‘Uber’ way?

Mentioned below are 9 best ways in which Uber strongly targeted the emotions of its audience:

The MOM Marketing Strategy

Marketing for Feature: Allow the customers to offer gift cards to their friends and families.

Yeah, we all immensely are touchy about our mommas.

Here if you observe the video keeping your emotional senses aside, all you will be able to see the publicity of its brand.

Have a look at this video and you will know.

The ‘Last-minute Missing Ingredients’ Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: Uber Walmart grocery delivery.

Often than not, there are some struggles regarding kitchen groceries getting finished.

Leaping into this gap, Uber launched the on-demand grocery services and advertised its service in a unique the users can connect to it.

See the smart targeting strategy of Uber here:

The Sports — Manchester Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: During sports, concerts, or similar events, the users can get special discounts and can reach the venue faster with Uber.

While during a lot of hustle-bustle regarding the events in the city, it is really difficult to search for a way out to reach to the spot.

Here, during the events, Uber provides cab services at affordable prices around the city.

Look at how Uber captured the Manchester mania in the following video to promote its services:

The After-party Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: Uber operates for 24*7*365. Even at the late hours after party, the users are safe with Uber driving.

We are all familiar with the increasing cases of abuses and molestation at the late hours.

This is where Uber takes up the responsibility to drop the user to his/her home safely at the odd hours at night.

Partying till late night? Here Uber depicts your emotions and assures you of a safe service.

The ‘Dream Come True Ride’ Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: Booking a ride for others when the to-be-rider cannot access the application and getting to ride into that favorite luxurious car.

Imagine for the scenarios when somebody has a wish to ride into that luxurious car but cannot afford it.

Uber provides the option to select the long-awaited car for a luxurious ride, have a look here:

The ‘Love’ Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: When you car fails, you drop your keys somewhere, you can’t drive, or whatever be the situation; Uber provides you with a ride with quick pickup and drop facility.

Using love and marriage as the basic element of the concept, somewhere Uber creatively weaved the plot of its ‘get faster anywhere’ service.

Well, love for creative marketing is surely in the air for Uber, don’t believe me? Here click the link below:

The ‘Safe-driving’ Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: The cabs it uses for the service are smart enough to detect the roads and traffic and is driven automatically - driver less car.

With the human mind wandering among his/her own thoughts, there are full chances of accidents and mishaps.

Here is where Uber got into the form and launched driver less cars for safe and accident-free journeys.

Watch how efficiently Uber gets into publicizing its unforeseen feature for an accident-free ride.

The ‘Traffic-analyzing’ Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: Analysis of traffic in order to take the route that consumes comparatively lesser time.

Everybody is in some or the other hurry to rush to their destinations and everybody wants to hail to their endpoints as fast as they can.

Uber made this possible with the help of its Uber movement that gives a complete analysis for the roads, traffic, timings, and ETA to the destination.

Get a complete analysis with of the traffic with Uber movement it says, just click the link below:

The ‘Chill and Earn’ Marketing Strategy

Marketing for feature: This is a marketing strategy for Uber to accommodate more and more drivers.

Why to work 9–5 when you can be your own boss? This is how Uber targets the driver to collaborate with it and work for the time they want.

Uber’s emotional marketing strategy to acquire more drivers to increase its service providers.

Deep Extracts and Extras from Uber

From the Uber ads and conceptualization, all that essential learning we extracted for you are as following:

  • Go on telling a story that evokes the feelings like envy, love, gratitude, guilt, and you have high chances to connect with your audience.
  • Make one with the day-to-day struggles of your users and provide them with impress them in a way to cut off their problem permanently.
  • Target their passion but have an impressive earning model for your service providers as well.
  • Market each unique features of your application, so that your stakeholders come to know what you have got in stores for them.


Other than these the marketing strategies of Uber involves intellectual on-demand services, Local operations in Multiple Cities, Promotional Offers, Driver and Rider review system, and Referral model for customer acquisition.

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For a successful business, it is important to keep an eye on the competitors as well. Here you will come to know about the strategies undertaken by Uber rivals during the Uber’s doom’s day to disrupt it.

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