Be Thankful — It Changes You.

There’s power in being grateful, in being thankful.

In everything you do, in every situation, if you choose to look for what you are grateful for, you are choosing to focus on the good. Keeping what’s good about your situation in your mind changes your mood, your attitude, and changes your actions.

Your focus changes your actions.

Scenario 1:

Your house is on fire, and you see it as a total loss. You dwell on the possessions you’ve lost and see others around you as gawking at the flames. You give up.

Scenario 2:

Your house is on fire, and you see that you are safe. You acknowledge what’s already been saved, what’s possible still to save and you see the people who have gathered around you to help. Your focus empowers you to act.

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I think it’s a horrible situation to lose your house in a fire. This is a hypothetical situation, and I would never assume to have the right to tell someone in the middle of this situation how to feel or what to think. If your house is burning down, process it however you want. This is merely a teaching tool, a visual and emotional example to illustrate a point.

In scenario 2, you are teaching others around you how to act in the situation. You are modeling. You are leading.

Keep in mind, with all of the urgent situations and crises that we encounter every day, you are teaching others how to act in the situation, you are modeling, you are leading.

Focus on what’s good and be grateful. Set your sights — and others’ sights — to be empowered to act.