Innie or Outie?

Back in my childhood days of swimming pool summers, there was a buzz around the pool at times, as we gazed at each other’s navels with a riveting question: “Are you an innie? Or are you an outie?”

I still don’t know what in the blazes this particular piece of information had to do with anything, but it was a light-hearted way of potentially making someone an outcast.

Let’s say you’re an outie. Everyone gets clarity by staring at your midsection, and silently nodding, thinks “Yeah, figures.”

Fast forward to another innie & outie socializing moment.

Think of your work day and try to gaze at it like it’s a pre-adolescent abdomen. What do you notice when you look at your communication preferences? Are you an introvert (innie)? Or an extrovert (outie)? See what I did there?

Seriously, though, how does your personal temperament and preference figure into how successful and accepted you are at work?

How do people view introverts at your workplace? How do people view extroverts?

Who gets preferred? Who gets promoted?

How do you make sense of your natural preference and create ways for you to be healthy, happy and recharge on a daily basis?