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NFTs are a focus at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach, an art event that brings together major galleries from several countries, brought NFTs as one of the focuses of the 2021 edition that took place from December 2nd to 4th. In partnership with the blockchain Tezos, the event featured virtual and in-person activities that immersed the public in the crypto world with interactive exhibits.

In this edition, 34 countries participated totaling more than 250 galleries, showing paintings and sculptures alongside digital works. The contrast between the different art languages ​​offered a rich environment for exchanges and experiences. One of the artists to show his works through new lenses is Mister E, famous for his colorful banknotes. His latest work can be viwed and purchased both in physical and NFT versions.

Screenshot of “100” by Mister E in its NFT version

In addition to the art exhibitions, the event provided a space for artists to share their experiences with the new technology at the NFT Speaker Series, which took place in parallel with the event. It dealt with subjects ranging from production to curation.

Being highlighted at an event like Art Basel shows that, despite the hype generated around the subject, NFTs and crypto art are here to stay and are finding their way into our collective consciousness.

One of the highlights was the participation of the German artist Mario Klingemann, better known as Quasimondo. In an interaction with the audience, Klingemann used algorithms to create generative portraits that the viewer could mint as NFTs through the Tezos platform. This interaction with the public came as an invitation to explore the various possibilities presented by blockchain technology and what this means for the future of artistic production.

Brazil was represented by about fourteen galleries, including Luciana Brito, Alê Jordão and Galeria Simões de Assis. Great modern and contemporary Brazilian works could be viewed and negotiated. Hélio Oiticica, Beatriz Milhazes and Tarsila do Amaral were among the artists representing our country.

In the ​​NFT area, P1xelfool and Taís Koshino represented Brazil, both in the exhibitions and in the NFT Speaker Series. Those who visited the event were able to see the generative arts of Taís Koshino, who in addition to being an artist is also a curator and researcher. P1xelfool, who calls himself the father of multidimensional entities and produces colorful animations where pixels are evident, participated in a conversation about collecting and programming generative art. The talk on building a global NFT movement had the participation of both Brazilian representatives.

NFTs have been the focus of many discussions both inside and outside the art world, and Art Basel wasn’t going to miss out on this revolution. On the event’s official website you can find articles and posts to immerse yourself in this moment that will certainly be historical.




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