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Sitting in the car, stuck in traffic, dreading the spreadsheet you have to complete that morning and the pitch you have to present that afternoon. The dull job has given you enough reasons to run away, to break away.

As the day ends, you wish you had something better to do, and somewhere better to go.

Yet, you still wake up every morning with a grumpiness that grows over the day. As the day ends, you wish you had something better to do, and somewhere better to go.

Wistfully looking at pictures of gorgeous landscapes and magnificent sunrises and sunsets, you dream of a relaxing life of picking berries and cooking your own produce.

Drinking a deep glass of wine, and reading that novel you always postpone touching, as you sit on your imaginary patio overlooking the green valleys and the silver-blue strip of river flowing in the distance.
You look wistfully at pictures of gorgeous landscapes and magnificent sunsets.

Your loved one brings you an enticing plate of the finest meats, cheese and vegetables, after a productive day of experimenting with that cuisine you always wanted to try. You’re content after the hearty meal. It’s time for a walk down the valley.

You meet your friends, the ones who live along the way, relaxing outside their quaint cottages like you were a few minutes ago. You sit with them, chatting of the good ol’ times, not really wishing they happened again. The present is just as good, if not better.

You play a lively game of ball with the young ones, before heading back up to watch the glorious sunset, dipping behind the inviting mountains in the distance. Your plan to hike up those green and brown giants is going to happen in two days.

You retire for the night, musing you got lucky.

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”- Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

You jolt back to reality, where the boss has been lecturing you monotonously for the past hour, unfazed by your glazed eyes.

That night, you head back home, stuck in peak traffic yet again. Sighing loudly, you wonder if there was any way at all to get away, if only for a moment.

Your phone buzzes. It’s your friend, and he’s inviting you to join him and a bunch of others for an impromptu trip over the weekend to that place you always said you would visit, but never did. They’re leaving in two hours.

You stare at your phone for a full minute, wondering whether you could, whether you were allowed to. Allowed to just leave. Just for that moment.

You quickly assess all the reasons why you shouldn’t; you might not have the resources, you might not have the time, and the horror of horrors: you might not get back in time.

You realize in that second, but really, why not?

You drive back home, throw some clothes and your toothbrush in your backpack. You leave.

And you’re off to live your dream, even if only for the weekend. You discover your dreams are only the precursor. This reality is much more than you imagined.

A lot of things could have gone wrong, yes. But you now realize, the things that could have gone right, wouldn’t have happened either if not for this moment.

The moment where you decided to just go.

Take that Chance. Experience More.

Photos courtesy: Pixabay and Wikimedia

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