Troverse Pre-Alpha Launched — Operation Successful!

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Hey all Troversians! 💎 We are proud to share the great news that after continuing to progress for several months during the development season, we finally prepared and launched the highly-anticipated first playable build, privately for our planet holders, dispatching them on a three-day mission to find the lost Stasis Frames! 🎮

Reviewing what we focused on since the beginning of 2023, it mostly revolves around two major tasks:

  • Wrapping up the core designs and preparing the Whitepaper.
  • Developing the necessary subsystems like the launcher and account systems, further optimizing the game, and making the first playable build.

The latter one wasn’t as simple as it seems! Let’s review both in more detail.

Official Troverse Whitepaper

We compiled all core design topics into a comprehensive Whitepaper that keeps all the details we have published so far in a single unified place to act as the reference when it comes to these primary sections:

  1. Galaxy and Ecosystem Elements
  2. Gameplay and Game Items
  3. Game Economy

You can read the Whitepaper here ▶

As we progress, we will update the Whitepaper with recent design additions or changes.

Troverse Pre-Alpha 01 — Operation: Desolate Hunt

Troverse Pre-Alpha 01 Launch Trailer

This is where things get much more exciting!

We launched the first playable build of Troverse privately for our planet holders to jump on Planet #119 in search of the Stasis Frames following a cargo ship crash. Watch the launch trailer above to glimpse the challenges that we designed for players.

Five Stasis Frames to Collect!

Troverse Stasis Frame

Players were given a Scanner and the Terra-Gun to locate the buried containers and dig the ground to collect Fuel, Med Kit, and Oxygen Capsules to be able to continue exploring the Desolate planet easier. Using the Jetpack also helped to navigate the landscape, dealing with all the elevations.

Players started the game from the planet HQ and could visit it for Oxygen and HP refill, and to access the shop to buy more resources with the G-Bucks they collected from containers on the planet.

Troverse HQ — The Palace

In the Whitepaper, we have explained more about the Headquarters, the available services, and what owners can expect to collect regarding the rewards.

Mission Accomplished 🎯

We were expecting the players to struggle for a couple of days to find the frames. Although it was a three-day mission, all Frames were found within the first 24 hours! We are blessed to have many pro gamers in the community 🎮

A Rewarding Universe

As we promised on day one, to keep Troverse as rewarding as possible, we allocated a reward pool for Frame collectors and leaderboard 1st rank. We also hid many rewarding items to collect by opening random containers on the planet! Here are the rewards we considered for this launch:

Troverse Pre-Alpha Rewards

A Taste of the Treasure Hunting

We wanted our players to grasp a glimpse of what it means when we talk about Treasure hunting on a galactic scale! Pre-Alpha 1 managed to demonstrate it in the most minimal form on a planetary scale. We can’t be more excited to enable the players to travel around the Troverse Galaxy to hunt worthy rewards that also come with more challenges. You can read about the Treasure Hunting mechanisms we have introduced in the Whitepaper.

Optimized for a Smooth Run

Our technical team did a great job optimizing the planet generator and the overall GPU rendering load to deliver a smooth experience, even on many lower-end machines. Below, you can see the system requirement we announced earlier, although we have been able to reduce the required storage to 12 GB in the last packaging!

Pre-Alpha System Requirement

A Proof for the Universe We Are Building

We are proud that we were able to demonstrate the strong foundation we have built for generating the planets in Unreal Engine 5, something that only a few gaming projects have managed to deliver so far. Having the functional core ready facilitates faster iterations and robust universe-building.

Tests and Feedback

It was a great opportunity for us to test the game in a more real scenario and collect feedback to improve the performance and player experience for future updates. Overall, the game performed very well, and we are pleased to find it satisfactory to our community, especially at this stage of development.

What comes next

We will continue the development based on the high-level Roadmap we have shared in the Whitepaper. In the following months, we will mainly focus on these areas:

  1. Character system
  2. Social hubs (Stations/Citadel)
  3. Completing the environments of planets and vegetation assets creations.

We aim to launch the next pre-alpha build as soon as we progress significantly with the tasks above to show more of the game.

Thank you!

We thank our Planet Lords for participating in this hunting mission. And thanks to all our community members for being valuable Troversians, contributing with their endless love and passion for the project 💙

Join our community

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Troverse is a gaming Metaverse where players Own, Explore, Collect, Trade, and Compete in treasure-hunting adventures spanning a vast galaxy of 10,000 planets.

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