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Nov 16, 2017 · 2 min read

• TRT World Wins Outstanding Documentary Production at BroadcastPro Middle East Awards, held in partnership with The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU).

• BroadcastPro Middle East Awards cover a broad range of categories to reward excellence in various fields across the broadcast workflow, from production to post-production to traditional broadcast and new media platforms.

• The winners are chosen by a panel of judges from across the MENA with varying technical skills within broadcast to ensure it is fully competent to judge the nominations.

TRT World’s Off the Grid has been awarded the prestigious outstanding Documentary Production of 2017 at BroadcastPro Middle East Awards.

Ibrahim Eren, Director General and Chairman of TRT said: “We are delighted to be recognized with this award. At TRT World, our voice is “humanitarian”, we put the people at the heart of our stories. I also would like to thank BroadcastPro Middle East for awarding our Jarablus documentary, and bringing the endless sufferings of Syrian people to the attention of industry professionals once again.”

The award was presented to Alexandra Pauliat, Executive Producer of Off the Grid, during the seventh edition of the ASBU BroadcastPro Selevision Summit and Awards on November 14, 2017 in Dubai.

“We’ve been trying to tell compelling human stories with high production value in our documentary series. We are happy to receive this award but more importantly we are happy to be the voice of Syrian people who have been going through tremendous suffering for the past few years” she said

Off the Grid focuses on compelling human stories from across the globe. It is about individuals whose lives have been affected by unforeseen events but who decide to reshape their destinies.

TRT World’s Off the Grid: Jarablus, rising from the ashes

“They hung me up and beat until I was unconscious. The treatment went on for three months, constant beatings. People were beheaded, there was blood flowing everywhere”, Fawaz al Jasim, recalls the horrors of life in a Daesh prison.

TRT World went to the Syrian city of Jarablus, that is being rebuilt a year after Turkish-backed forces liberated it from Daesh militants. People spoke of public executions, arbitrary arrests and torture on a daily basis.

After two years of living under the yolk of Daesh, life is beginning to return to normal. Women can come out of their homes, children can play on the streets and shops have reopened.

I hope our children can complete their education and enjoy their childhood and lives. That they can have better lives than ours,” says Iman Alhaj who fled to Jarablus to escape the relentless bombardment of Syrian regime jets in Aleppo.


Alexandra Pauliat (Executive Producer)

Mouhssine Ennaimi (Director/Producer)

Semir SejFovic (Pictures)

Alican Ayanlar(Correspondent)

Watch the award winning short production:


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This is the official PR account of TRT World.

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