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Dec 15, 2017 · 2 min read
  • “Misafir, A Guest” is a documentary about three teenagers from countries at war. They’ve found new homes in Istanbul, which has embraced them as guests, not refugees.
  • The documentary has been chosen as an official selection at four international film festivals, and an IGNITE Conference on Youth Empowerment organised by the International Organization for Migration.
  • “Misafir, A Guest” was the winner for best content at the Delhi International Film Festival in the World Cinema Category.

TRT World’s documentary “Misafir, A Guest” focuses on the stories of three teenage refugees from Palestine, Syria, and Afghanistan who are living in Istanbul. The documentary highlights the story of each teen as they fled their home countries and then struggled to adapt to a new life in Istanbul, a multicultural city that embraced them as guests, and not as refugees.

“Misafir” was recognised as the winner for best content at the Delhi International Film Festival in the World Cinema Category on December. The award was presented to Mariam El Marakeshy, one of the producers of “Misafir” at the awards ceremony.

Fatih Er, Director of News & Programmes at TRT World, said: “We are delighted to be recognised with this award. It is a privilege to acknowledge our channel’s contribution to people remaking their lives after they are forced to migrate. At TRT World, our voice is humanitarian, and we put people at the heart of our stories. This documentary allows our viewers to envision themselves in the shoes of refugees and relates the human side of the story.”

Producer Mariam El Marakeshy stated: “The documentary’s aim was to be a perception-changing film that focuses on the challenges of migration. The documentary demonstrates the obstacles faced by those who have fled their home countries in search of a better life. It also brings to light the contributions they have made in their new communities. We are happy that their voices are being heard and that the film is showing the promising side of the refugees’ presence in Turkey, which is mostly not emphasised by the global media.”

TRT World will be airing Misafir, on December 18 at 2030 GMT, December 19 at 0830 and 1430 GMT, and December 20 at 0430 GMT in conjunction with International Migrants Day. The day provides an opportunity to draw attention to the contributions of migrants and the need to promote and protect their rights.


Executive Producer: Oğuz Ömer Eser

Assistant Producer: Mustafa Koç

Director/Producer: Mariam El Marakeshy

Editor: Omar El Kholy

Colour: Mehmet Özen (1987–2017)

Cameramen: Cevahir Şahin and Şevket İlkay Erkoç

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