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The following are some of the recently published stories on TCA. We hope they help fill your True Crime Addiction needs!

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Jennifer and Fotis Dulos | via E Online

Divorce Leads to Murder and Suicide in Connecticut — A mother of five goes missing, and police zero in on the estranged husband. Which raises the cliche question, Is It Always the Husband?

Crystal Spencer | via Tumblr Fletcher Marple Blog

The Bizarre Murder of a Topless Dancer in LA — This case has a beautiful young woman who was found dead of no apparent cause. It also has Miss America, a Strip Club, International Travel, a Gangster Ex-Cop, Possible Lost Bodies, a Shoddy Medical Examiners office, the Japanese Mob, and an FBI Informant Cover-Up.

Monika and Leonard Rizzo | via KSAT News

Backyard Littered With 200 Human Bone Fragments — A woman disappeared, and all that was left was blood splatter in the house, and bones in the backyard.

Michael Anderson | via Toledo Blade

Secretary Disappears Leaving Only Cryptic Clues Behind — A young woman was terrorized for a year before her disappearance. Forty years later and there’s still no justice for Cindy Anderson.

Frank Costal Mugshot age 17 | via Small Town Noir

Gay Affair Ends in Satanic Murders — Satanic Murders, Gay Affairs, in a small town, leaves everyone wondering who their neighbors are behind closed doors.

***Coming Soon . . . True Crime Addiction is going to be bringing Crime Puzzles for Addicts who want another bite of crime.



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Lisa Marie Fuqua

Lisa Marie Fuqua

True Crime Writer in Las Vegas. I used to be a Web Developer in the Newsroom, now I spend my time in coffee shops researching murder.