I am the Shadow Lion

Tom Brady is among the most high-profile football players in recent history, but in our exclusive, two-part video series (also featured on The Cauldron), the legendary quarterback opens up about his persona in and out of the spotlight. The reflective outtakes in these videos were taken from an before the 2014 season for Man of the World magazine.


Along with mastering the game of football, Tom Brady has also found time to develop and perfect his own pancake recipe — as documented in a True exclusive a year ago. Experimenting with different ingredients, Brady has put so much effort into his recipe that his wife and supermodel Giselle Bündchen calls him “the pancake master.”

(True endorses his pancake take, though we advise skipping the addition of protein powder. Make sure we have your email and we’ll send you the full recipe so you can investigate yourself.)

Originally published at true.ink on January 14, 2016.