“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs

When you want to build an app like Corpa in a complex environment like enterprise software you need to think very clearly and focus on making things simple but allow it to do complicated stuff (even if it’s behind the curtains). I wanted to share what’s going on in our heads 7 months ago when we started working on Corpa.

It all started with an idea that you shouldn’t have to use multiple applications that don’t work seamlessly together to run an organization. The fact that each area or even a team uses multiple applications to get work done didn’t make a lot of sense to us. We said to ourselves there must be a new, simpler and transformative way of running an organization. We had to think of this transformation from bottom up and make sure that we weren’t changing existing behavior. Here is the Corpa Design Story:

The transformation begins with building your existing processes and workflows into what we call micro apps — via — intuitive drag and drop on your smartphone or tablet.
Corpa not only transforms the way you build processes and workflows but enables new ways of thinking and creating. Integrating these micro apps is a new way to make complex processes work seamlessly together. The integrated micro apps can automatically run an entire process via automation. This leads to greater efficiency and productivity.
To amplify the Corpa experience and take enterprise mobility to the next level we integrated communication within the platform. This integrated environment allows your organization to collaborate better.
One of the challenges for enterprise software is security. We believe that effective security involves setting the right level of restrictions. So we engineered a new way by embedding security at the micro level based on the user access. Ultimately this allows for a more secure macro environment. For small organizations using cloud computing it enhances the level of security even further. For large organizations we had to make sure they could maintain their existing security infrastructure and run Corpa behind that infrastructure giving them more control.
With every organization being different we had to make sure that corpa was flexible and dynamic at the same time. We made Corpa uncomplicated to allow people within organizations to be more creative and think about their Corpa platform as a unique ecosystem that fits and portrays their culture. We wanted Corpa to be something that you can do yourself (no programming skills or expertise required) so building, integrating and automating needed to be a singular experience.
Corpa allows you to be more productive, more efficient at an entirely new scale. We had be artistic, innovative and inventive to deliver what we believe is the best integrated enterprise platform yet.

The current version of Corpa is the first step towards a much greater and higher vision to create a platform that stands for “True Enterprise Mobility”. If you would like to know more about how Corpa works please read this.

You can try Corpa by downloading our app from App Store. I would love to hear your story about how you run your organization and tell you how Corpa can make that easier, more productive and efficient.

Thank you!

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