Spirituality And Science Need To Marry

Marta Brzosko
Apr 9, 2018 · 3 min read

There is this one thing about the energetic healing and spiritual growth industry that strikes me. Or I could even say that, personally, I don’t like this thing. Or — at least — that I don’t see it as the best it could be. I am talking about the language used to convey spiritual messages.

The esoteric language may discourage many people from inquiring about spirituality. But why do I even care? Maybe if someone gets discouraged from digging into these topics so easily, this is completely fine? Maybe they don’t need to know about it, they are not ready for it or simply not interested?

I could stop caring, just like I don’t have to care about anything in the world. But the topic of spiritual growth is very close to my heart. And I feel there must be a better alternative to describe things like Agnihotra, Reiki, meditation, and other stuff that involves energy.

I think it is mainly the language we are using that makes many people strongly suspect the spiritual talk to be all bullshit and scam. For example:

Healing energy of this place raises your vibration and soothes your childhood traumas, as well as resolves energetic blockages. Through the intuitive guidance of our teachers, you will receive insights and inspirations that will become signposts on your inner journey. Additionally, getting in tune with Mother Earth helps you remove the blinkers imposed on you by the society programming…

I believe that many of those energetic or healing practices are valid and they can “work”. I see that their results manifest for many people in various areas of their lives. And that’s why I see the necessity for unifying the discourse around those practices.

Let’s not have our society divided into scientists and spiritual people. Let’s try to connect them by finding a common language that everyone could speak. And because it is the spiritual people who often claim to be more enlightened, I postulate that they take the initiative in unifying the opposing paradigms, through adjusting the language they use. ;)

Working with higher energies will not do the job, and nor will intuitive healers change the world for the better just by themselves. As a global community, we only have a chance of becoming sustainable if we genuinely start putting collaboration before competition. We need the scientists to work together with intuitive healers, rather than each group trying to prove superiority of their world view.

Where is the language compromise found? I don’t know. I can only put forward what my intuition suggests (pun intended).

I think that the common language ground for all of us is speaking from our personal experience.

As long as we are describing our own experience, as accurately as we are able, while keeping in mind to whom we are directing the message— we remain authentic.

Let’s not keep falling into the old trap of shaming and accusing one another because of what we believe in. Both scientists and intuitive healers have the right to speak out their truth. And they have a possibility of communicating with each other, too. It is just the matter of finding the common language.

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