Beware of Frauds!

‘Sharing is Caring’ holds no meaning when it comes to financial transactions. Just to make your experience with True Balance more secure, we are here with things you must not share with anyone to avoid frauds.

OTP : One-time password (OTP) is something you will receive on your registered Mobile Number when you make an online transaction. It is the final level of authentication that ensures your transaction is safe and secure. So, don’t provide this information to anyone.

CVV : Card Verification Value or CVV number is mentioned on the back side of every debit/credit card. It is important for completing online transactions. So, never ever share it, no matter how much someone insists.

Card’s Expiry Date : This information is also important for completing any online transaction. It is mentioned on the front of cards. So, consider not revealing it too.

In case, anyone calls you in the name of True Balance and asks for OTP, CVV and Card’s Expiry date, never ever share. We will never call you for these details.

We will always contact you with number -1 800 102 5091 and e-mail id