Gift Card: The Most Awaited Launch of True Balance

Gift Cards, the most awaited service in True Balance app has been launched. Now, no need to worry about not having a bank account and finishing your True Balance wallet limit. Gift Cards are meant to be an instant, safe and limitless mode of payment now. You can use a Gift Card for doing Recharges and paying utility bills through the app.

Who should buy a Gift Card?

· Users who don’t have a bank account

· Users who have spent full wallet limit

· Users who want a gift for friends/family members

Gift Cards cannot only be gifted to others, but you can send it to yourself too. A certain percentage (%) of cashback will be given at the time of purchasing the gift card and a higher cashback % when its receiver uses it after redeeming.

The launch of gift card opens a new option for unbanked users and is a promising step to prevent bank related frauds also. With this feature you have an option to not use bank details every time to recharge and pay bills on the True balance app and even then enjoy safe and secure transactions at your comfort.

Not only this, you can add/send a gift card of any amount you like, and there are so many designs of gift cards available to choose from. Check out True Balance YouTube Channel to know how to buy and redeem a gift card or stay tuned for our next blog.

Gift Card Launch