Solutions to Failed Balance Checking in True Balance App

Are you having trouble in Checking your Call and Data Balance on our App? Here we are with some solutions to end this problem. You just need to follow the steps as mentioned.

Solution 1: Enable Accessibility

1. Tap on the Alert Message that you will see on the ‘Check’ tab

2. Find True Balance & Tap on it

3. Turn on the Accessibility switch as shown

4. And then Tap on ‘Ok’ Button

5. Accessibility will be Enabled for True Balance App on your phone

Solution 2: Enable Autostart

This solution to failed Balance checking is for Xiaomi users. For doing it,

1. Tap on ‘GOT IT’ button

2. tap on ‘Auto-start’

3. Find True Balance

4. Turn it on

Solution 3: Lock the True Balance App in Task Manager

1. Tap on the Menu option

2. Pull down the True Balance App Image as shown

3. Tap on the lock sign

Hope these solutions will prove to be helpful for you while using our App. Do let us know in case these solutions don’t work out. We would love to hear from you!