TrueBit whitepaper addendum

The fast-changing blockchain landscape has warranted an update to the TrueBit whitepaper. Our new addendum includes security patches, a discussion of the new TrueBit Virtual Machine, and some new use cases. We are grateful to the WebAssembly community for providing us with a production-ready architecture, individuals and organizations who have imagined and built new applications related to TrueBit, and especially Sina Habibian, Zack Lawrence, Clément Lesaege, Harley Swick and Yaron Velner who suggested security improvements to the TrueBit protocol itself.

It is now possible to transform C and C++ code into verification games and run them over Kovan testnet. Download the code here and give it a try! We thank Sami Mäkelä and Farzad Sadeghi for writing (and rewriting) the many lines of code which brought TrueBit’s dispute resolution layer to life as well as Robbie Bent for his critical operations support. As always, we welcome development comments, suggestions, and contributions.