TrueDeck launching TDXP Airdrop on GoChain

For TDXP Airdrop instructions, check the last section of this blog!

After weeks of development, we are excited to announce the launch of our TrueDeck BlackJack “alpha version” on GoChain Testnet for everyone to try. Get the instructions here to play the game.

As part of our strategy to promote the TrueDeck games before the official platform launch, we are launching the first step of our VIP program by creating the “TrueDeck eXperience Points (TDXP) token”.

What is TDXP?

The TDXP program provides the opportunity for active members of our community to get a head start in accumulating these tokens which in turn will give you early access to our VIP program.

How to get TDXP?

TDXP will be awarded to community members who actively participate and contribute towards the engagement, growth, and progress of the TrueDeck community. To gain TDXP, community members will be encouraged to be active on our community chat and social media platforms, create blogs, videos or posts which gather significant traction.

Is there a limit on TDXP?

Simply put, No! The limit on accumulating TDXP is limitless.

What can you use TDXP for?

The TDXP token will give community members access to our VIP reward program. The more TDXP, the higher your ranking and the better the rewards you will be able to get.

When TrueDeck platform goes live, TDXP will be the core indicator of your level within our VIP program. Whilst the VIP program is still being finalised we are excited to offer our early adopters the opportunity to get a head start as a thank you for your continued support. More details regarding the rewards and structure of our VIP program will be released at a later date.

Who will award TDXP tokens for active participation in community?

To ensure this is fair, the TrueDeck Community Managers will be moderating the content and reward TDXP tokens accordingly.

Want to get a head start in collecting TDXP? Register for our airdrop by following the instructions below.

TDXP Airdrop for TrueDeck community holding GO in TurboWallet

For the initial distribution of TDXP tokens, we are launching an airdrop exclusively for “TrueDeck community members holding GO coins in their TurboWallet.

How to Register:

  • Create a TurboWallet account.
  • Deposit at least 10 GO into your TurboWallet.
  • Talk to the TurboWallet bot with typing /deposit and follow instructions to deposit GO in your TurboWallet.
  • In the TrueDeck Telegram Community, type /airdrop to register.
  • Congratulations, you are registered for the TDXP airdrop.
  • TDXP will be released into your TurboWallet at 8 Nov 2018, 0600 UTC.


  • 1 TDXP will be awarded per GO coin held in your TurboWallet account.
  • At least 10 GO is required to be eligible for airdrop.
  • Average balance of GO held over 20 days from time of registration will be used to determine reward.
  • Must remain in the TrueDeck Telegram Community for at least 20 days.
  • Maximum reward is 50 TDXP.

Note: TDXP tokens do not carry any real-world value. TDXP will not be listed on an exchange however any accrued will be migrated to our live platform VIP program.

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