What have we been up to?

It has been a very busy few weeks for the TrueDeck team. A few weeks ago we launched our successful airdrop promotion within our community on both telegram and twitter. While this promotion was in progress, the TrueDeck team was hard at work finalizing our first game —BlackJack. Our partnership with GoChain was announced soon after.

All the above continued to solidify the team’s dedication to excellence. In the last two weeks, our CEO Ben Jordan and COO Victoria Vella have attended two conferences. The DELTA Summit in Malta, organized by the Government of Malta, brought together some of the brightest minds in blockchain and crypto.

Companies pushing for innovation and various exchanges were present. This conference served as a springboard to launch the brand and gain more recognition on the international stage. The experience served to promote and solidify TrueDeck’s aim to bring innovation to the iGaming world.

Next, both Ben and Victoria traveled to London, to attend PayExpo — a prestigious payment conference at which they were invited to speak.

Ben, being an industry veteran in iGaming, was one of only two leading experts invited to have a fireside chat to close the expo. The discussion centered around responsible gaming, which is of great importance to TrueDeck. Through his experience and knowledge, Ben discussed the current landscape and best practice.

Ben discussing about current landscape and best practice at PayExpo 2018

As the expert representative for iGaming and blockchain, Victoria made up part of a panel of experts from various industries. The panel discussion centered around “Know your customer” requirements and the future of biometrics. This tied in with the ethos of TrueDeck, which is to provide a safe and secure space for our clients and bring trust to the blockchain iGaming industry.

Victoria discussing about KYC requirements at PayExpo 2018

Following on from the success of these conferences, the TrueDeck team is more assured and excited to be leading the way in the industry.