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“VSK insurance” received the Golden App Award

The True Engineering product was nominated as the best insurance solution in the joint Golden Site/Golden Award competition.

The VSK Insurance app allows users to receive full range of auto insurance services online — from buying a policy to settling claims.

In 2019 VSK clients were first able to buy casco policies via app. In 2020 a settlement service baceme available. The True Engineering team is now working to launch the similar set if services for MTPL poilcies.

Clients can calculatem buy or prolongate a caso policy, insure their property, buy a policy for a trip inside Russian Federation or abroad. The app profile also includes all the policies bought in the VSK online-shop or offline offices.

As of 2021, ine third of all insurance claims were submitted by VSK clients online. By the end of the year, VSK expects 50% of comprehensive car insurance appeals to be registered remotely, and the average monthly number of active mobile app users to grow by more than 45%.

VSK Insurance in Google Play
VSK Insurance in App Store



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