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The Next Chapter…

Trueface, a Pangiam Company

We spent the last nine years developing facial recognition solutions and leading the industry in the responsible deployment of computer vision. What started out in Casablanca, Morocco as an aspiration for a smart, face recognition enabled doorbell led to a production facility in Medellin, Colombia, and offices in Dallas, Boulder, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

In June of 2017, we made a very difficult decision to pivot away from hardware and focus on core face recognition software. This decision ultimately led to a rebrand from Chui to Trueface and our acceptance into 500 Startups. The team at 500 Startups served as an incredible resource for our endeavor into B2B software and ultimately set the groundwork for what we are, and more importantly, what we are not, today.

Early days Trueface ID Verify Product

In early 2018 we took a hard look in the mirror and defined what matters most to us and what we saw as the right way forward for the industry. What follows is an internal maxim that has served as our guiding principle, a touchstone we return to before any major decision.

“The choices we make today will fundamentally impact the direction the facial recognition and computer vision industry takes. We believe that through the responsible use of computer vision technology, we can all live in a safer, smarter world.”

This statement is more pertinent than ever. As we continued to move forward at the beginning of this year, it was clear to us that in order to deliver on the above, we would require a new injection of capital. After six months of hard work, and with great honor and gratitude, I am proud to announce we have been acquired by Pangiam, the company that aligns most with our virtues and mission to bring the benefits of computer vision technology to all.

Pangiam, which was acquired in combination with Linkware last year by AE Industrial Partners, is a travel technology company with the goal to improve security and the overall passenger experience. Our computer vision technology is complementary to the stack they have already built and we are very excited to join Pangiam on this mission to deliver a curb-to-gate experience that is reminiscent of the golden age of travel for passengers, coupled with the leading security technology that today’s airports and travelers require.

Market demand in other industries for computer vision and specifically face recognition has increased over the last three years as the technology moves out of the chasm of hobbyists and technologists and into adoption by the majority. With Pangiam’s support, we will capitalize on these areas of growth by investing in our engineering teams to swiftly bring quality solutions to market. We will also add capacity to our sales and marketing teams in order to handle the increased demand from commercial and federal industries.

It is imperative we continue to invest in the ethical pipeline of data collection and model training and that we focus on continuing to reduce ethnicity and gender bias. Our research team will be able to drive this effort more quickly with the proper infrastructure and resource allocation needed to lead our industry in cutting-edge advancements. We will continue to lead the computer vision market in the responsible deployment of this technology through our redoubled efforts and actions.

As a Pangiam company, we will continue to operate as Trueface and the team will remain dedicated to the mission of the broader organization: to provide a safer, faster and more personalized experience for all. The next chapter for Trueface will be defined by our effort to expand into frictionless travel in tandem with Pangiam and also focus on key industries where we see repeatable use cases developing resulting in tangible returns on investment for our partners. To the clients that have helped us get this far, I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude. We couldn’t have done it without your belief and support in us. We are still here for you and look forward to growing together.




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