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Trueface Achieves Number 1 Global Rank on NIST FRVT for Speed

Search 1 billion identities in 1 second ⚡️

Searches so fast, you can feel it.

What exactly is template match time?

Face recognition algorithms work by generating a biometric template from an input face image. The biometric template is a fixed-length list of numbers that mathematically describe certain attributes of the face. When two of these biometric templates are provided to the algorithm, it compares the templates to determine the similarity, and thus the probability that the identity of the two templates are the same. The time taken to perform this comparison is the match time.

Why is a fast template match speed critical?

The above example describes the process of 1 to 1 identity verification. In a 1 to 1 verification situation, we only compare two biometric templates against each other to obtain a similarity score.

In certain scenarios, 28 minutes of extra time can make all the difference.

How does the Trueface algorithm perform on different hardware?

The Trueface matching algorithm has been optimized for speed on various platforms ranging from server-grade CPUs to embedded devices. The following table summarizes the 1 to N search benchmarks on various hardware platforms:




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