Trueface Partners with Modzy: Making AI More Accessible to the Enterprise

Mason Allen
Nov 5, 2020 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce a partnership with Modzy to bring our facial recognition and spoof detection capabilities to enterprises looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into their ecosystems more quickly. The Modzy platform offers pre-trained models from the world’s leading machine learning companies, accelerating the adoption of AI by standardizing last-mile delivery.

“We are very excited to begin this partnership with Modzy and empower customers with our facial recognition and spoof detection technology,” said Trueface CEO Shaun Moore. “We see the potential for enterprises who traditionally may have had difficultly operationalizing AI to quickly reap the benefits of our technology through the standard delivery of the Modzy platform’s dockerized container solution.”

To date, we have integrated our technology across industries and use cases to make customer environments smarter and more secure. Real-world deployments such as using facial recognition as primary or secondary authentication have notably increased security in crucial environments like U.S. Air Force bases, while spoof detection has helped institutions mitigate digital identity fraud attempts, thus decreasing their risk and increasing their margins.

“Our partnership with Trueface signals a breakthrough in computer vision applications,” said Norm Litterini, Head of Partnerships at Modzy. “As we expand our marketplace in this high-demand area, we sought a partner who provides both best-in-class capabilities and a thoughtful, vigilant approach. Trueface is a critical capability to enable customers to quickly operationalize AI into strategic initiatives.”


For a safer and smarter world.