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Truepic Helps Its Partners Track COVID-19 Response With Verified Imagery in Nigeria

The COVID-19 crisis is truly a global and borderless challenge to every nation on earth. Tracking the virus and its impact is especially difficult because it is clear that social distancing is a necessary tool to stunt the spread. So how can information about the virus’ impact and a community or government’s response be verified if those responsible for documenting are also in isolation? Much of the world is relying on crowdsourced images and videos being transmitted through mobile phone capture. However, by doing so, we all become more susceptible to fraud, misinformation, and disinformation.

Read more on how our technology contributed to a stronger COVID response in Nigeria by heading to our blog.




Truepic develops the world’s most secure camera technology for mobile devices. We empower viewers to make better-informed decisions through high integrity photos & videos.

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Mounir Ibrahim

Mounir Ibrahim

VP, Strategic Initiatives — Truepic. Former U.S. Department of State.

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