The First Shares Offering Project on Midas Foundation

True VND
True VND
Oct 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Vietnam is an exciting market for cryptocurrencies development and adoption. Top crypto related web ranks Vietnam at no 6th globally in term of traffic, yet only 0.24% can participate through VND (Vietnam Dong).

Seeing this as an obstacle for the cryptocurrencies development in this market, True VND Pte Ltd (, a Singapore incorporated company (UEN 201833783M), has been founded to offer a solution by issuing a stablecoin backed by Vietnam Dong. TrueVND (Ticker : TVND, contract: 0x3dc0501c32bee0cc1e629d590302a4b909797474) is an ERC-20 token that will be listed on various top exchanges worldwide. 1 TVND = 1000 VND.

True VND Pte Ltd is backed by Regulus Investment and Capital Holdings, with strategic partners and advisors from RHT Taylor Wessing (Law Firm), Corporate FinEdge (Accounting and Auditor), Vinex Network and Tokenomy (Crypto Exchanges), Midas Protocol (Wallet application) etc. True VND has completed its platform for purchasing and redeeming TVND (the way that TUSD has proven successfully).

More details about TVND project including Technical details, Evaluation and forecasted ROI as well as business development roadmap:

Midas Foundation, a platform for Midasians and Midas Pioneers to invest in Frontier Tech projects, aiming at projects that help global adoption of many new technologies through assisting startups to raise fund and provide passive income for all, is one key pillar of our Midas Ecosystem. On Midas Foundation, Midasians can invest in ICO, STO, IPO, Startups shares offering, Pooling in Masternode, Token locking for rewards etc.

True VND Pte Ltd has partnered with Midas Foundation to offer 20% of True VND’s shares through Midas Foundation platform using MAS. Only 40 slots of 0.5% of shares are up for sales.

  1. True VND Pte Ltd’s valuation at 8M USD.
  2. We accept only 40 investment lots (individual and corporation) of 0.5% , hence 20% of total shares.
  3. We accept USD, SGD and $MAS token (valued at 2.5 US cents).
  4. Minimum investment amount is 40K USD or 55K SGD or 1.6M $MAS which gives investor 0.5% shareholding (the required amount will be 50% if the potential investor can enter the branching program to open branch and become legal representative in the area of focus: California, Texas, Berlin, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Warsaw, Moscow, Kiev, Prague, Sydney, Dubai).
  5. True VND will start the Company Shares Offering (CSO) on Midas Foundation from 05 November 2018 to 05 December 2018.

Link on Midas Foundation:

After the investors transfer the amount according to the guideline, they will be contacted by our lawyer to conduct KYC, collecting documents for legal procedure and to issue shares certificate from the company.

Visit our social channels for latest updates and discussions around the Midas Ecosystem:




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