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Truflation on a Hackaton World Tour 2022

SXSW — ATXDAO — ETHAustin — NFTLA — ETHPortland — Miami — Paris — Crypto Bahamas — Permissionless Palm Beach

This year our team and the founder, Stefan Rust, are participating in the major global hackathons, sponsoring events, offering grants, and promoting Truflation and other upcoming indexes across the globe.

Be sure to check the Truflation’s Virtual Hackathon, 17th of March — 23rd of March 2022.

We can finally travel around the world to meet you all, listen to your feedback, start some awesome collaborations, and join or even foster the next big developments in crypto and open source.

Part of our team is already at the SXSW, and today, the 16th of March, we are at the Austin-on-Chain organized by the ATXDAO and co-sponsored by Truflation, Rarrible, PizzaDAO, and others.

From there, we’re going onwards to:

🔹ETH Austin (17th-18th March 2022)

🔹NFT LA (28th-31st March 2022)

🔹ETH Portland (7th-9th April 2022)

🔹Paris Blockchain Week (13th-14th April 2022)

🔹DevConnect Amsterdam (18th-25th April 2022)

🔹Crypto Bahamas (26th-29th April 2022)

🔹Blockwork’s Permissionless at Palm Beach(17th-19th May 2022)

🔹Coindesk’s Austin Consensus (9th-12th June 2022)

If you’re going to any of those events, don’t be shy.

Reach out and connect with Stefan or other Truflation team members at the events or online.

Ask questions, give us feedback, tell us what you want to build and what data you’d love to see on-chain. We implement a lot of things based on your requests.

Some potential indexes we are considering next:

  • Separate indexes for the CPI categories (Transportation, Housing, etc.)
  • Other macroeconomic indexes: True GDP, Wages, Money Supply, etc.
  • Prognostic inflation and predictive models.
  • True inflation for other currencies than USD.
  • True inflation for a basket of currencies or commodities, etc.

Our other crypto-specific indexes will be announced during the upcoming events so stay tuned!

Our goal is to become a hub for independent economic and financial data available to the public and the decentralized finance community. Tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to deliver.

No, really.

Catch us on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord

About Truflation

Truflation is an independent, daily US inflation rate available on-chain for DeFi smart contracts.



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