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Product-Led Marketing: How to Create a Product that Sells Itself

Product-Led Marketing

What is product-led marketing?

Example of product-led marketing

Benefits of product-Led marketing

  • Reduced costs. As Instagram founder Kevin Systrom wisely said, “Great products sell themselves”. With product-led marketing, software companies can dramatically reduce the costs of their marketing and sales activities by allowing users to onboard themselves and minimizing required human assistance.
  • Greater trust. According to a recent TrustRadius report, consumers ranked marketing and sales materials like whitepapers and blog posts as the least trustworthy, and their own prior experience with the product as the most trustworthy.
  • Greater customer retention. One of the biggest challenges facing SaaS companies is reducing customer churn. Unlike a traditional marketing or sales-led approach, product-led marketing isn’t just about acquisition, it’s about acquisition, activation, and retention. As such, it can dramatically reduce churn.

How to create a product that sells itself (4 tips)

1. Understand the value of your product

2. Offer a free trial or freemium acquisition model

3. Deliver on your promises

4. Reduce the time-to-value

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