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Payment Use Cases of TUSD

Much attention has been paid to stablecoins for their rapid growth of market cap and expanding use cases globally. They are not only widely used in the trading of crypto assets but also play an important role in the DeFi space, becoming an integral part of the crypto ecosystem. In the current turbulent, bearish market, stablecoins are preferred by more and more users in both investments and payments.

As the world’s most transparent, fully collateralized, and live-attested stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, TUSD brings users high returns in DeFi transactions and stablecoin investments and also makes the payment process simpler and more efficient. Today, Truly will walk you through all current payment use cases of TUSD to help you make better use of it.

A multi-chain payment product by Just Money, JustMoney Pay now supports BEP20-TUSD and TRC20-TUSD, among others, enabling users to easily make payments on BNB Chain and the TRON network.

Committed to supporting the decentralized applications of Web 3.0 and DeFi ecosystems, JustMoney supports various features such as exchange, cross-chain bridge, and payment. As its CEO Tobias commented, JustMoney Pay encourages the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies for daily payments.

NOWPayments is a leading crypto payment gateway that allows merchants and businesses to pay in 150+ cryptocurrencies. It offers a Mass Payments solution, Billing and Subscription in crypto, donation tools, and supports fiat conversion.

NOWPayments is a pioneer in introducing innovative crypto billing solutions such as Custodial Recurring Payments and On-chain Subscriptions based on smart contracts. NOWPayments now supports enterprises to use TUSD for payment. If you are optimistic about this product, please keep an eye on the follow-up progress of TUSD.

Recently, the TUSD stablecoin has partnered with HYVE, a leading Web 3.0 freelance and workforce marketplace that now supports payments in TUSD through the ETH network. Both freelancers and their employers may enjoy the convenience provided by TUSD on HYVE.

Annabel, the Marketing and BD Director of TrueUSD, stated, “The coronavirus pandemic and the arrival of Web 3.0 have made freelance and remote work more common. Against such a backdrop, HYVE is building a freelance marketplace for Web3 users worldwide, effectively connecting freelance workers with employers. Meanwhile, uncertainties in the global financial landscape, combined with the sweeping changes that blockchain brings to payment, have made digital assets the most popular payment method.”

“We truly believe that TUSD, the U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin, attested live on-chain, will become one of the most stable, secure, and efficient payment options on HYVE.”

HYVE has created a community-driven ecosystem, facilitating collaboration between users in a uniquely decentralized environment. Having introduced payments directly in cryptocurrencies, HYVE is one of the few crypto projects that can offer cross-chain integration for four different networks: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Fantom.

According to the Commonwealth of Dominica’s Crypto Ordinance, seven TRON-based cryptocurrencies including TUSD and TRX have been recognized as the country’s authorized digital currencies that can be used in all domestic economic activities such as tax payments. Meanwhile, the exchange rate between these cryptos and the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD), the fiat currency currently used in Dominica, will be freely determined by the market. The Ordinance became effective on October 7, 2022.

So, if you happen to visit Dominica, you are advised to try the efficient, convenient TUSD payment and enjoy the user-friendly crypto trading environment.

Founded in 2017, is the leading crypto-friendly travel agency in partnership with over 2,200,000 hotels, 400,000 events, and 600 airlines in 230 countries/regions. An ardent advocate of the crypto industry, the company accepts more than 90 leading cryptocurrencies apart from traditional payment methods.

The company began to support TUSD as a payment method as early as 2020 for bookings of over 2.2 million hotels and homes worldwide.Juan Otero, CEO of, said, “We are delighted to add the stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD) as a preferred payment option on and look forward to TUSD holders joining our crypto travel booking community.”

DeFi Wallet (

DeFi Wallet is a decentralized wallet launched by, which supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies for trading. It now supports AVAX-TUSD, CRC20-TUSD, and ERC20-TUSD. Users only need to pay the gas fee without any other charges and can scan QR codes to easily make encrypted payments via cell phones.

Above are the payment use cases of TUSD for now. TUSD will continue to improve in the field of encrypted payment. While embracing more new partnerships in the future, we are striving to benefit more users with the convenience of TUSD payment.

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