International Art Prize Partners with ascribe for Blockchain-Powered Online Marketplace

The world’s pre-eminent digital art prize and tour is using blockchain technology to stimulate the sale of digital art globally.

Aug 17, 2016 · 3 min read

BERLIN/LONDON, August 17, 2016 — The Lumen Prize, the Global Award & Tour for Digital Art, has launched a new online art platform dedicated to promoting and collecting blockchain secured works of art by award winning and shortlisted Lumen Prize artists from around the globe.

Offering a secure way to collect digital editions, the new marketplace, has partnered with to ensure that each edition is registered with a certificate of authenticity and verifiable with blockchain technology, including a built-in cryptographic ID unique to each piece.

Lumenus was born from the need to provide digitally native artists with greater opportunities. Since its launch in 2012, the Lumen Prize for Digital Art has disbursed nearly $45,000 in prize money, toured the world four times and staged over 30 shows, seminars and events in a bid to raise the enjoyment of digital art across the globe.

“Lumenus has been designed to make collecting digitally created works of art as easy as possible and to provide opportunities for digital artists to sell their works to new audiences in a secure fashion,” says Lumen Prize Director & Founder, Carla Rapoport.

Lumenus has launched with the digital creations of Marcus West of Cardiff, Wales, Claire Reika Wright of Banbury, UK and Alejandro Dávalos of Quito, Ecuador.

More work by Lumen Prize artists will become available soon.

About The Lumen Prize
The Lumen Prize is the pre-eminent global award and tour for digital art and all works offered through Lumenus are by award-winning and shortlisted artists.

Founded in Wales in 2012, The Lumen Prize is dedicated to supporting and promoting artists who create their art using digital tools. Since its first show in London’s Cork Street in January 2013, Lumen has staged nearly 30 exhibitions and events across the globe that have showcased digitally created art, culture and enterprise. Lumen’s interactive and immersive digital art installations blend art, music and technology and previous winners include the artists Andy Lomas, Gibson/Martelli and Michael Takeo Magruder.

“The Lumen Prize is rapidly becoming a well-known international venue and forum for digital art. There is renewed interest in digital art as a leading form of contemporary art and the Lumen Prize is helping to support that interest.” Bruce Wands, Chair, MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Art, NYC and Lumen Jury Panel Member.

“I’ve been struck by how much Lumen is more than just a prize. Through exhibitions, seminars and other events it opens door and provokes debate. It exposes people to the rich variety of digital work.” Andy Lomas, 2014 Lumen Prize Winner

About ascribe
Founded in 2014, ascribe is a service for creators to register and track intellectual property. By registering work with ascribe, a unique, cryptographic ID is generated and then stored on the blockchain, creating a permanent and unbreakable link between the creator and their work. Creators lock in authorship, can create limited digital editions, securely share and trace where work spreads online. ascribe has been featured in dozens of publications and to date over 5,000 creators have declared 10,000 works and over 40,000 unique editions within the system.

Carla Rapoport, Director and Founder of The Lumen Prize
Following a career as a business journalist with The Financial Times and The Economist Group located in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London, Carla moved into arts management in 2010 and founded the Lumen Prize in 2012. Since then, she has organised and spoken at over 20 Lumen Prize shows and events in cities around the world.

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