Representatives Boebert and Lamborn, resign: white supremacy is a national security threat and you both violated the constitution in stoking it

By: Truman National Security Project’s Colorado Chapter

On January 6, flags were raised against the US Capitol, their poles used to violently break down doors and windows behind which our elective representatives barricaded themselves while under siege. A confederate flag, the very symbol of slavery and treason, was paraded through the halls of freedom and where the late Rep. John Lewis so recently walked and boldly strove for equal rights. We now know the rioters — who some have aptly called domestic terrorists — murdered one Capitol Police officer, violently assaulted others, left behind bombs, looted our National Capitol, and defaced federal buildings. These seditionists launched a brazen attack on our nation and put us all at risk.

At least one of the flags waving against the United States of America read “Coloradans for Trump.” As the Colorado Chapter of the Truman National Security Project, we call on all of Colorado’s elected representatives to decry these violent acts perpetrated under the banner of white supremacy, punish the seditionists, hold President Trump accountable, and make clear that Colorado voters place democracy over racist demagogues.

As rioters began breaching barriers and threatening lawmakers, Freshman Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert shouted from the house floor, “Madame Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now. I promised my voters to be their voice.” And voice she was. As the insurrectionists broke into the Capitol, she live-tweeted Speaker Pelosi’s movements inside the Capitol to an online audience that sought to kill Pelosi. Then, joined by fellow Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn, she returned to the floor to contest the democratic elections from Arizona and Pennsylvania. Boebert aided the insurrectionists at every turn. The morning of the coup attempt, she tweeted, “Today is 1776,” invoking our nation’s bloody revolution.

The security of our nation hinges on equal justice before the law, and inaction by many in law enforcement on Wednesday demonstrates that, in practice, we still lack equal treatment under the law. White Supremacy is a colossal threat, yet many in law enforcement overlook it, and some are sympathetic toward it. If Black people had stormed the Capitol as happened on January 6th, no officers would have taken selfies or politely held doors. On a single day of DC’s protests against the death of George Floyd (the day of Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church), Capitol Police arrested 289 protesters. They arrested fewer than 60 the day of the assault on our Capitol. National Guard was deployed throughout the summer against racial justice protesters but were not authorized in advance of the January 6 insurrection and faced hours of delays to deploy.

We see you, white supremacists. Your message is not vague.

Our democracy is under attack, and our global standing has been damaged. The intentionally and consciously scaled back security capacity, in spite of days of warning, lays bare the racist, exclusionist ideology behind Trumpism that has been continuously ignored by enabling politicians. Capitol police used tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful street protesters begging for racial justice in the summer but deployed no comparable ammunition against the rioters vandalizing and breaking into federal buildings until hours after rioters ransacked the Capitol.

President Donald Trump has fanned the flames of white supremacy for decades, most fervently throughout his term of office. Using incendiary language and repeating lies, he incited the rioters to march on the capitol and “stop the steal”. He even told them, falsely, he would be marching with them. He is unfit for office and must be removed — not in ten days, but immediately.Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol wearing and toting symbols of anti-Semitism (“Camp Auschwitz, Staff”), violent misogyny (which has not abated since the insurrection, as NC Congresswoman Nancy Mace can attest), and unbridled white supremacy.

Many of our Colorado Leaders have correctly identified Trump as a threat to our very National Security and have called for his removal. Rep. DeGette identifies him as, “a real danger to our country.” Rep. Crow and Neguse urges that “we must protect our democracy” either by invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment. Rep. Perlmutter notes, “He is clearly unfit to carry out his duties, has failed to uphold his oath of office, and has incited violence since before taking office.” Likewise, Sen. Bennet calls for the administration to “invoke the 25th Amendment.” Sen.Hickenlooper says, “I’d support any option to remove him from power faster.”

But our Colorado US House Representatives Lauren Boebert and Doug Lamborn are putting our nation at risk. They continue to peddle the President’s lies and cheer his supporters. After surviving the insurrection on January 6th, they returned to Congress only to try to meddle in the election results from Pennsylvania and Arizona. The baseless claims of fraud in these states, rejected by election officials from both parties as well as state and federal courts, seek to undermine the will of millions of American voters, particularly, it must be noted, voters who are people of color.

In siding with the very people who use violence seeking to overturn a free and fair election, Boebert and Lamborn have betrayed their constituents and their oath of office. They are seditionists whose actions have made them, their elected colleagues, and all of us less safe. They need to resign.

They are unlikely to do so even as their own constituents demand it. Boebert and Lamborn’s behavior has demonstrated their utter disregard for the will of the voters and the sanctity of our democracy. It is incumbent upon all of us — particularly members of the Colorado State Legislature, Governor Polis and his office, corporate partners, and residents of Colorado’s 3rd and 5th districts — to call for their immediate resignation.

Colorado’s third Republican Congressperson must also step up. While Rep. Ken Buck decried the violence on Jan 6, he has since called impeachment efforts “unnecessary” and “inflammatory.” We think insurrection is inflammatory, Rep. Buck, and accountability is necessary for healing to occur. Join your colleagues in supporting impeachment and rejecting white supremacy.




We unite veteran, frontline civilian, political, & policy leaders to develop & advance strong, smart & principled solutions to global challenges Americans face.

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Truman Project

Truman Project

We unite veteran, frontline civilian, political, & policy leaders to develop & advance strong, smart & principled solutions to global challenges Americans face.

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