Week 5, Thursday

As they prepare to select a new party chair, the Democrats have apparently decided on a strategy to counter President Trump and the GOP agenda, opting for total war and obstruction as a result of widespread protests that spread out across the country over the first five weeks of the Trump presidency. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, vice chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, said there had been a “tornado of support” for wall-to-wall resistance to Mr. Trump.

Talking to a group of manufacturing executives today about recent immigration raids, Trump referred to it as a military operation despite the fact that Homeland Security has vehemently denied that there is any plan to mobilize the National Guard for this endeavor or that mass deportations will take place. Later in the day, the White House said that Trump was using the word “military” as an adjective. “The President was clearly describing the orderly and professional manner in which his executive orders are being implemented, and the administration’s emphasis on removing serious criminals here in the US illegally,” the spokesperson said.

Steve Bannon made a rare public appearance and spoke at CPAC today. He referred to the media as the enemy, as a tool of “corporatist, globalist” forces, and as standing in the way of the president and the American people. He talked about Trump’s agenda — which is clearly his own long-standing agenda — and described it as the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” He said, “If you look at these Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction.”



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