Transgender Bathroom Rules

Donald Trump has issued several executive orders and executive actions. They have included the immigration ban, the lobbying ban, and now the…bathroom ban? Well, yes. The issue that started in North Carolina and let to Obama’s support of transgender Americans using the bathroom of their gender has shifted to Trump’s denial of such rights.

I have to say this issue is an interesting one for me because, frankly, I don’t think it should be an issue. What bathroom they should use? Seriously?

I’m not sure why transgender people want to use a different bathroom than the one they used when they were their birth gender, though I don’t pass judgment on them. However, I do believe it has something to do with feeling uncomfortable in the bathroom of their birth gender or birth sex, and I assume that discomfort has something to do with what he or she thinks would be the interaction with others in the bathroom. For example, a boy identifying as a girl might wonder what others boys would think or even what they would do to her in the men’s bathroom. We all know people can be cruel sometimes, even if just to tease or to even unintentionally cast a long gaze of surprise when she walks into the boys’ bathroom. It may just be easier to use the bathroom of the gender you wish to be.

However, I think we should focus on something else. Now, I’m not only saying that the bathroom issue is such a narrow issue compared to SO MANY other domestic and international issues we face. That is true. However, I AM saying that we should focus on something else entirely when it comes to the bathroom issue. In fact, I think transgender people ought to give themselves a bit

In fact, I think transgender people ought to give themselves a bit more credit and have a bit more self-confidence. They shouldn’t be running away to the bathroom of their gender because of some interaction they might have or probably did have in the past with someone in the bathroom who was uncomfortable or even violent with him or her. They shouldn’t have to change where they go to the bathroom. For god sakes, I know people talk and whatever in the bathroom and especially women gab and spend forever putting on makeup and we occasionally spend an extra minute sitting on the toilet in a vane attempt to pause the day before going back to our desk, but ya know? The bathroom is for peeing and pooping. THAT’S IT!

If someone has a problem with a person born a boy wearing a dress and makeup and taking a dump in the men’s bathroom, SHE shouldn’t have to move. The men in the bathroom oughta man up. The bathroom, at its core, the bathroom is for peeing and pooping. I can’t put it any nicer. So, if you want to wear a dress and stand at a urinal, you do it. If you want to wear men’s clothes and pee sitting down, no one should ask you why you don’t pee standing up. That’s an incredibly weird question anyway.

To my transgender friends (well, I don’t have any, but still), I say one thing. If you’re having an issue in a men’s or women’s bathroom because of the other people in there, make your message about them. They’re the issue, not you. They’re the problem. If you really want to use a different bathroom, that’s fine, but I think the reason for that might be the symbolism of what the segregation of boys and girls into different bathrooms and the challenge that has always posed for transgender and transsexual individuals. The feelings you have about the either-or framework of the bathroom design, if you will, is that you don’t fit into the either-or, that you’re not just a boy or just a girl, and that you feel skipped over.

For a second, if I may, I want to be horribly politically incorrect to reduce what I just said into something more concise. There are two bathrooms: one for he and one for she. However, there’s sex AND gender, and when one is female and the other is male, there’s sort of two more categories: he, she, he-she, and she-he. Yep, there at the end. That’s the non-PC stuff. I’m not so good at talking about transgender issues.

If you continue to go into the bathroom of your sex and if you force the he-he’s and the she-she’s to stop being stupid babies about the he-she’s and she-he’s (again, terribly sorry), then you’ll slowly start to show everybody that there doesn’t need to be four bathrooms, one for each, but just the original two, which can include boys born boys and girls who identify as boys in the boys’ bathroom and girls born girls and boys who identify as girls in the girls’ bathroom. This way, there isn’t further segregation.

The important part of all of this is to address the issue of why transgender people want to move from the bathroom of their sex to their gendered bathroom.

If that issue is truly because some people are being (expletive times a thousand) people, then that’s the real problem. Moreover, if we frame it this way, then I think we skip right past the GOP idea that girls are going to raped by men in dresses.

My call to action on this one is one where I really don’t know the people who write the policies and just have to write here and hope one of the right people reads it. That’s because, to me, this is so easy. Just focus the other people in the bathroom. That’s what the opposition is doing. They are saying those people are uncomfortable. So…tell them to GET OVER IT! Provide training to kids who have a transgender student in their school. Tell parents to teach their kids. Punish bullies who choose to target transgender kids more harshly for light teasing than you do bullies who target others with worse offenses. Show people that this is important.

Just be nice. C’mon.

It’s really not that hard. Enjoy your bathroom break. Cuz that’s all it is. You honestly can’t take a dump without making it a political statement? Really?

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