AERO Foundation Partners with the Trusted IoT Alliance

AERO + Trusted IoT Alliance to Help Create a Secure IoT Ecosystem

AERO + Trusted IoT Alliance

Today the AERO Foundation is proud to announce it is joining the Trusted IoT Alliance to contribute to the Alliance’s vision of creating a secure, scalable and interoperable ecosystem at the intersection of IoT and Blockchain. The Trusted IoT Alliance provides opportunities to collaborate with Fortune 500 companies, blockchains startups, IoT device makers and protocol foundations that comprise this rapidly emerging ecosystem.

Distributed ledger technology can enable the effortless identification, verification and authorization of trusted devices for defined purposes. AERO and the Trusted IoT Alliance are committed to working together to ensure that the future of drone delivery is seamless and meets the highest standards of security and trust.

“AERO Foundation is pioneering an incredibly compelling application of blockchain technology to physical space where temporary property Right-of-Ways are acquired instantly at point of use and autonomously by devices as routing needs dictate. There is enormous potential for blockchain technology to pave the way in this new economic structure in the IoT economy.”

Zaki Manian, Executive Director, Trusted IoT Alliance

AERO Foundation, via its product AERO Token, will serve as both a repository of available airspace for commercial drone services to map flight routes and as a trusted facilitator. With blockchain technology, the AERO Network will allow property owners to monetize otherwise idling airspace through the granting of Right-of-Way access to trusted third parties, enabling property owners to realize income with minimal effort and risk. By leveraging the collaboration framework, expertise and governance provided by the Trusted IoT Alliance, the AERO Foundation can enhance protocols that the entire drone and logistics sector can place their trust in.

Founded by leaders from global technology companies including Cisco, Bosch, BNY Mellon and Gemalto, the Trusted IoT Alliance has extensive development and blockchain expertise, where the founders lead blockchain-based companies including Consensys,, BitSE, Chronicled, Qtum, BigchainDB, Ledger,, Skuchain, and IOTA.

You’re welcome to reach out and follow our progress on Twitter!




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AERO Token

AERO Token

AERO Token: Enabling the Drone Superhighway Using the Blockchain

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