ETH/TDH Token Price Parity

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One of the most important questions and a very frequent dilemma for any contributor in the crypto space is — “how much do I pay for a certain amount of issued tokens?”

The market can be notoriously volatile and with that comes an uncertainty about where to pegg the price of the ETH (or any other established cryptocurrency) in relation to the USD dollar. Often this decision, made by the team internally, results in unhappy contributors and a non-transparent token allocation process. We don’t want that, we can do better.

That is why, due to the current high market volatility, we’ve decided to do the fair thing for all contributors: all the Tranches will be determined by the amount of ETH. The Soft cap is set to 1,000 ETH (before $1M) and Hard Cap to 7,500 ETH (before $7.5M).

Each Tranche accepts a certain amount of ETH and is not tedermined by the value of USD.
Consequently, the price of the TDH token is now tied to ETH instead of USD while the bonuses remain the same.

This brings an array of benefits, the main being increased transparency with Tranche allocation, since each Tranche accepts a certain amount of ETH and is not determined by the value of USD.

We prepared a short summary of the most essential numbers:

⚠️ Soft Cap = 1,000 ETH (Cumulative must be more than $1.000.000)
⚠️ Hard Cap = 7,500 ETH
⚠️ TDH token price = 0.00006 ETH
⚠️ 1 ETH = 16,666 TDH tokens

Another benefit for the contributors is that the math behind calculating the amount of your TDH tokens became much simpler. Below are two example calculations for your better understanding.

So, how many TDH tokens do you get for 1ETH?

👉 Sample calculation for a contribution of 1 ETH in Tranche 1

1 ETH = 16,666 TDH tokens

Tranche bonus = 100%

16,666X2 = 33,332 TDH

👉 Sample calculation for contribution of 1 ETH in Tranche 2

1 ETH = 16,666 TDH tokens

Tranche bonus = 50%

16,666X1.5 = 24,999 TDH
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Important dates:

❗️ ❗️ PRESALE: March 20th at 12.00 CET, Apply HERE
 ❗️ ❗️ CROWDSALE: March 27th at 12.00 CET

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