On Hard Work. And Soft Cap.

Dear All,

took just a moment on Sunday evening, while my kids sleep to write up what we have recently achieved.

It has been an interesting and breathtaking 10 days. Since we have presented out TrustedHealth project 14 days ago in St Moritz where we officially launched our ICO, we have experienced an amazing support from the community. Within 10 days we have realized our soft cap with contributions from across the world! And no marketing even!

Postive opinions are overwhelming and people realise the impact we already create and the utility of our token. All this faith and trust in what we were doing with Trustedoctor and how we want to make it even bigger with Trustedhealth gives us power and motivation to continue and revolutionise the healthcare provision in difficult and life-threatening diseases around the world.

We and our community are not alone and we strongly believe we are on the right wave. recent Economist article corroborates our vision and the right path we have taken upon us with this project:


Please stayed tuned, spread the word and support us in the Presale and make this project grow as quickly as possible for yourself and your loved ones.

Best regards, Greg