TrustedHealth Presale Process Explained

TrustedHealth Presale in different time zones

It is our main priority to ensure that you, our community, know exactly how and when you can contribute in TrustedHealth presale in a safe and simple way.

Please make sure you read this post carefully and do not hesitate to ask our team if there is anything unclear. We are available for you on Telegram or

⚠️ Have you whitelisted?

Whitelisting is the only way to participate in the upcoming TrustedHealth Presale so make sure to do so ASAP.

Apply for whitelist HERE.

We verify every application in max. two days, so check your email inbox for a confirmation Email regularly. If you can’t find it, please check your Promotions and Spam folder. Sometimes emails get lost there.
If you still can’t find it, send us an email to and we’ll take care of it.

🚀TrustedHealth Presale — March 20th at 12:00CET

Key terms:
Min contribution: 1ETH
Max contribution: 350ETH
Currency accepted: ETH

⚠️ The contribution process is designed to make the contribution both, secure and simple. We divided it into two stages — The REGISTRATION and the CONTRIBUTION stage.

FIRST STAGE — Registration

This step will ensure that you have enough time to prepare everything you need for a successful contribution. We don’t want to waste your time with bureaucracy when it’s showtime. Just read carefully and follow the steps:

After Whitelisting, you will receive an Email containing an unique link to our website.

1️⃣ Follow that link

2️⃣ Create a Contribution Account

3️⃣ Agree with Terms and Conditions

4️⃣ Save and Secure your login details ( ⚠️You will need them on the Presale ⚠️)

SECOND STAGE — Contribution (March 20th, 12:00CET)

That’s the stage you’ve been waiting for. On March 20th at 12:00CET everyone who registered will see the contribution address in their contribution account. We will send you a heads up email an hour before the Presale. To be ready in time, follow this 3 steps described below carefully.

1️⃣ On March 20th at 12.00 CET the ETH contribution address will appear in your contribution account

2️⃣ Contribute to Address Displayed on the website

Important! Before contributing please double check if:

1. You access the contribution address on our official website (domain name
2. The contribution address Starts and Ends with characters provided on our Official Telegram Account or those published HERE (1 day before the Presale)
3. Only contributions of 1 ETH and more will be eligible for the Presale. Any contribution under 1ETH will be returned to the sender. Maximum contribution: 350 ETH.

🚀 First come, first serve system

TrustedHealth Presale starts in Tranche 3 with a 30% bonus. After Tranche 3 fills up, our system will automatically allocate contributions to Tranche 4 with a 20% bonus and so on, until we fill up Tranche 8 and reach the Hard Cap of 7500ETH. Meaning, the earlier you contribute, the better the bonus.

TrustedHealth Tranches & Bonuses

How do you know which Tranche (and bonus) is still available during the Presale?

Check this exact table under this LINK. It will update automatically during the Presale.

⚠️ Save the (correct) date and time!

Since your Presale bonus depends on the time you contribute, showing up late is not an option! That’s why make sure to save the (correct) date and time of the Presale!

Central European Time (CET) > March 20th, at 12:00 CET

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)> March 20th, at 11:00 am GMT

Eastern Standard Time (EST)> March 20th at 06:00 am EST

Pacific Standard Time (PST)> March 20th at 03:00 am (PST)

If you are unsure about which timezone you’re in, this LINK may help you.

Other important information

In order to secure your contribution and make sure it comes to the right address, we are implying additional security measures by publishing the first and the last four characters of the TrustedHealth ETH contribution address on our Official Telegram account and here (1 day before the Presale).

Confirmation of your Tranche bonus.
After the Presale, you will receive an email confirming your Tranche bonus.

❗If you whitelist AFTER March 20th, your contribution process will differ and you will receive an email with all necessary instructions.

ℹ️ If there is anything else we can help you with, get in touch with our team on Telegram or drop us a line on

ℹ️ If you’re interested in TDH Token Distribution, funds allocation or other information about the Presale, click HERE.

⚠️Crowdsale — March 27th at 12:00CET

Everyone who whitelisted with less then the Min. Contribution of 1ETH or Whitelisted after March 26th, will have the chance to participate in the TrustedHealth Crowdsale. The Crowdsale starts one day after the end of the Presale (March 27th, 12:00CET) and lasts until April 27th 12:00CET or until we reach the Hard Cap.

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