TrustedHealth Token Sale Explained

Dear TrustedHealth Community, we are ready to go.

In the past months, our team was working hard to bring TrustedHealth to the point where you can all join in.

To help you find out more about how to get involved in what we do and become a contributor to TrustedHealth, we have created a document which provides you with a comprehensive and transparent overview of our token sale process and all the tools and information you need to contribute in a safe and simple way.

Please make sure you read this post carefully and do not hesitate to ask our team if there is anything unclear. We are available for you on Telegram or
TrustedHealth Tranches and Bonuses for early contributors

⚠️ Whitelist application

Everyone who wants to participate in the TrustedHealth project needs to start with a Whitelist application. It gives us insight into who’s behind a contribution and it keeps things safe and in line with regulatory requirements.

❗️US and China citizens are by law not allowed to contribute in the token sale.❗

After you have successfully submitted your application our team will start the review process (find out more about this process below). If you are approved, you will be allowed to contribute to either the Private Sale, Presale (March 20th, 2018) or the public Crowdsale (March 27th, 2018).

Whitelisting is a requirement for participation so please, if you haven’t already, apply for the whitelist HERE.

Transparency and integrity are key to any long lasting business relationship. That’s why we are incredibly thorough and put every whitelist application through a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedure. We want to ensure that every person involved with TrustedHealth shares our ethics and intentions.

⚠️ Contribution phases

TrustedHealth token sale will be organized in 3 phases:

➡️ Joining the TrustedHealth Private sale

We are super excited to see so much traffic on our “APPLY FOR WHITELIST” button in the past days. Opening the Private sale to the community is not that common, but we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to join the project in its earliest phase.

Since there are so many of you who want to join our Private sale and get a chance to earn some amazing bonuses in first tranches, we created a special system of “waves” in which we will give an opportunity and a fair chance to participate in our Private sale for everyone who whitelisted — in the order we received your application. Meaning: “First come, first served.”
❗️❗️ What do you need to know about our Private sale process and what do you need to know about the waves:

1. The agreement.

We care for the safety of your contribution. Since the private sale is below our soft cap ($1M), we are obliged by law to sign an agreement in order to make your contribution safe. Even though we firmly believe we will reach the soft cap, this is the only correct way to go. You will receive your agreement together with the TrustedHealth ETH contribution address in your personal TrustedHealth token sale profile.

2. TrustedHealth token sale profile.

After your whitelist application will be verified, you will receive an email with further instructions, wave (read all about the TH Private sale waves below) and tranche allocation.

❗️Following the email with wave allocation will be an email with a link to your personal TrustedHealth token sale profile. This link will include the agreement, you will need to download and sign and the information about the TrustedHealth️ ETH contribution address.

❗In order to secure your contribution and make sure it comes to the right address, we will imply additional security measures by publishing the first and the last four characters of the TrustedHealth ETH contribution address on our Official Telegram account and here ➡️ First 4 characters:0xd8 ➡️ Last 4 characters:8761

3. Confirmation of your Tranche bonus.

After a successful Private Sale, you will receive an email confirming your Tranche bonus.

NOTE: The agreement signing part will be skipped in further token sale phases (Presale and Crowdsale) and substituted with a general terms and conditions checkbox, making the process swifter and leaner.
🌊 🌊 ️TrustedHealth Private sale WAVES:

Due to a high level of interest in our Private sale, we decided to enable participation in the Private sale in waves, giving everyone a fair chance to contribute in the same order as you whitelisted.

Wave 1 // ongoing

Those of you that whitelisted and were verified first have been invited to contribute in Tranche 1.

Wave 2 // starts February 1st @ 12h CET

Round of contributions available to everyone who was verified in the second wave. Possible bonus allocation in Tranche 1 and guaranteed bonus allocation in Tranche 2.

Wave 3 // starts February 2nd @ 12h CET

Round of contributions available to everyone who was verified in the third wave. Possible bonus allocation Tranche 1 and Tranche 2, if there are still TH tokens from Tranche 1 and 2 available.

Wave 4 — additional opportunity // starts February 3rd @ 12h CET

A special 24h gap for everyone who whitelisted for the Private sale. Possible bonus allocation in tranches from 1 onwards (depending on the time of the contribution and current tranche allocation).


❗️ The start of the wave is also the moment you will receive an email with the unique link to the TrustedHealth token sale profile login website.

❗️ Make sure the email comes from an official TrustedHealth address: ending with

❗️ 24h reaction time
We expect a high demand in the number of contributors, so timing is key. We want to give this first opportunity and the highest rewards to the ones who are really excited about TrustedHealth, so each individual will have a 24h timespan to contribute, following this steps:

  1. Follow the link provided in your email (IMPORTANT: Make sure the email comes from a TrustedHealth address: ending with
  2. Fill out and sign the Private Sale agreement, completing all of the blue marked spaces.
  3. Send the agreement with all information back to us to the email provided on the Token sale contribution page (where you signed in with your password).
  4. Transfer your contribution to our displayed ETH wallet.

❗️If you fail to do so in 24h your spot in the current Tranche will be given to the next person in line and you will be able to contribute in the next Tranche or in the up and coming Presale (March 20th, 2018).

❗️In the unlikely event that you have been invited to a certain Tranche and the Tranche is closed by the time you send your contribution, your contribution will be allocated to the next available Tranche of the Private Sale.

Don’t forget: joining TrustedHealth Private Sale gives you special conditions in the form of high bonuses, but also a responsibility — for all of us at TrustedHealth this means you are not only one of the first contributors but also one of the first believers in the idea of TrustedHealth: to create a blockchain-based holistic ecosystem in specialised medicine providing immediate access to the best treatment in life-threatening diseases for patients’ specific condition.

Your Health is Your Greatest Asset.
Thank you for your trust.

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