Create Success Flows, Touchpoints and Tasks

Who should I engage next and how should I do it? That’s something we’ve continue to hear. Today, we’re pushing an update that will help you answer that question.

What’s new?

CSM Touches and Tasks

Create Touchpoints and Tasks

Get a birds-eye view of everything you need to do. Trustfuel orders tasks in six different groups: overdue, due today, tomorrow, this week and next week.

If you’re in the middle of taking notes, tasks can be added from the account profile screen. This makes it easy to add tasks while taking notes.

Predefine Touchpoints with Success Flows

What’s your ideal customer journey? Success Flows allow you to predefine a series of engagements for your customers — welcome emails, goals calls and other activities.

Each item you add will appear both on the Touches page as well as account profile tabs. You can create a workflow by selecting the Success Workflows from the navigation dropdown.

CSM Add Columns

Add more data with Custom Columns

Add new columns by pressing the Add New Column button in the top right of your Account or Contacts spreadsheet. It’s easy, choose the type of data you’d like to add, name it and click create.

We’ve also updated the spreadsheet to accommodate those new columns. Previously, we tried to make all columns fit inside the browser window. That’s fine with four or five, but what about 60? Spreadsheets will now scroll horizontally when the number of columns won’t fit on the page.

Upcoming Features

Show and hide columns

With custom columns added, the next step will be to extend the functionality of those columns. For example, you might want to have a user’s ID number handy, but that isn’t something you need to see often. We’ll be adding show, hide functionality to hide the unimportant columns. You’ll also be able to reorder columns.

The cool thing about hiding columns — we’ll still filter that data in search results even with the columns hidden. Say you are looking for a user’s ID. Just put that ID in the search box and the results will return that user. Even with the columns hidden.

Enhanced Task Management

What we’ve released today is a step in the right direction, but there are several things we still want to allow. The two major ones are attaching a task to a contact and assigning those tasks to team members.

Additionally, we’re going to be adding task completions in account and contact timelines. It should make it easy to see who completed what and when.

Updating old notes

This is pretty self explanatory, but we’re going to allow old notes to be updated. Old spelling mistakes will haunt you no more.

Salesforce Integration

Beyond task management, a Salesforce integration was our most requested feature. An integration would allow data to sync between Trustfuel and your companies Salesforce instance.

You get to maximize your productivity with Trustfuel while the rest of the business can see conversation notes, updated account information and more.

Community Updates

Free Net Promoter Score

We built a NPS tool, and now we’re giving it away for free

That’s right, free Net Promoter Score surveys. We’re allowing companies to sent up to 1,000 per month. No credit card required. If you think it might be useful, we’d be grateful for a tweet or LinkedIn share.

Why are we giving this tool away? We wrote a bit more about that in another post.

Second Customer Success Roundtable

Our first CSM Roundtable was so successful, we decided to host another one. Some of the topics we covered:

  • How do you manage customer love at scale?
  • What do you look for when hiring in Customer Success?
  • How do you proactively engage your customers?
  • What analytics are important for Customer Success?

We’re going to start hosting these every few months. If you work in Customer Success and are in the Atlanta area, we’d love to have you. Email us or reach out @Trustfuel on Twitter.

Customer Success Job Board

We build a board for customer success jobs. If you’re hiring for Support, Account or Customer Success, posting a job is free. Although most of the current positions are in Atlanta, we accept jobs based in any city.

Interview with QASymphony’s Judy Chung

Last week we posted our first Starting Success Interview. Starting Success is a series of interviews that we’ll be doing with CSMs.

Our first episode is with QASymphony’s Judy Chung. You can read the interview on our blog, or listen on SoundCloud.

Closing Thoughts

The Trustfuel beta has been an invaluable learning tool. Please, continue to point out things you like, dislike and cannot live without. Your comments are appreciated!

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