A preview of Trustfuel’s NPS Software.

We’re Giving Away Our Net Promoter Score Tool for Free

Those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning know that Trustfuel started as a Net Promoter Score tool. You know, one of those surveys you get every now and then that ask you how likely you are to recommend the company to a friend. We’ve written several blog posts on the subject and even put together a small book to help beginners with NPS.

Then things changed.

As we began speaking with more and more customers to get feedback, we started noticing a pattern. Almost every CSM we spoke with was using some combination of spreadsheets, task lists and sales software to keep track of their accounts. Some were keeping track of customer notes on Google Docs. Others in Evernote. A few not at all.

It’s difficult to be proactive when you’re constantly copying information and jumping between tools. Customer success managers are spending more of their time managing software and much less time building relationships with their customers.

After seeing this same scenario surface again and again, it became pretty obvious that there were bigger problems that we could solve.

But where does that leave the NPS software that was nearly finished?

Well, for the last few months it sat on the shelf while we pushed out the first few iterations of our customer success platform.

Should we sell it? If so, what should Net Promoter software cost? Most Net Promoter tools charge on a monthly basis, but we didn’t think that made sense for a tool that most likely only gets used every six months.

Today, we’ve got an answer. We’re giving away our Net Promoter Score tool for free. Businesses will be able to send 1,000 surveys a month. No credit card required.

Did you say free NPS?

Free as in free beer.

The tool is perfect for companies that just want a quick and easy way to get feedback and start conversations with customers. Here’s a few of the features:

  • Email-based Net Promoter Score tool with bulk email importing to save you time.
  • Build a set of campaigns segmented by events, industries or products.
  • Add your company’s logo to email surveys.
  • Customize survey thank you text and links.
  • A simple dashboard to filter promoters, passives and detractors. You can also filter responses with or without comments.

And once again, we won’t even ask you for a credit card. It’s completely free to use.

Who isn’t this for?

While this NPS works well for small and medium-sized companies, it isn’t for everyone. If you’re a large company and need to send more than 1,000 surveys a month there are tools that better meet your needs.

There is no API access, so you won’t need to involve your engineering team. We do not allow custom email templates (beyond adding your logo) and do not have recurring surveys. If you need any of those things, this is not the tool for you.

Don’t worry, it isn’t that we don’t like you. But it isn’t the tool we’re building.

Perfect! How can I get access?

Right now the NPS is invite only — at least while we’re still manually adding accounts. If you’re looking for an excuse to reach out to your customers and get some feedback about what they think, I’d encourage you to head to trustfuelnps.com and request an invite.