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Trusting News partners with the American Press Institute

Joy Mayer
Joy Mayer
Jan 7 · 3 min read

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with the American Press Institute.

The partnership, along with new funding from Democracy Fund, will help Trusting News reach more journalists invested in demonstrating credibility and earning trust. We’ve worked officially with 53 newsrooms so far and can’t wait to add to that number.

Here’s why we’re so excited about API

The folks at API are responsible for the must-read daily newsletter Need To Know. They’ve done groundbreaking work on a concept they call “news fluency” and certainly aren’t strangers to the topic of trust in journalism. They know how important it is to clear up misassumptions about who journalists are and what they do.

API’s Metrics for News program makes it easy for newsrooms to track what matters most to them. Our newsroom partners that also have Metrics for News have been able to quickly see the effect of Trusting News strategies.

API’s staff is also working on reader revenue and business models. In addition, they’re studying and consulting on newsroom cultures and produce Better News, which is full of case studies highlighting innovative newsroom work.

Every bit of that involves trust, and we’re excited to map out collaborative projects, trainings and research.

Thanks to our other supporters

We’re still also partnering with the Reynolds Journalism Institute, which supported our launch in 2016 and has been with us ever since. Our fiscal management will shift to API, but RJI’s investment remains strong, and we’re grateful to Executive Director Randy Picht and his staff for being consistently supportive and open to new collaborations. Democracy Fund and the Knight Foundation have also both provided funding to increase our staff capacity, research efforts and industry reach.

Here’s what else we’re working on

PERSONALIZED COACHING: We’re ready for a soft launch of our one-on-one coaching for journalists looking for help in earning trust and demonstrating credibility. Thanks to support from Democracy Fund, the coaching is FREE at this time. You can learn more and sign up to get your personalized help at

TRUST TIPS IN YOUR INBOX: We’re also planning a weekly newsletter offering quick, actionable tips for earning trust. Sign up to receive that at

A NEW TRUSTINGNEWS.ORG: A relaunch of our website is coming early this year. The relaunch will highlight what we’ve learned from our latest newsroom partners (a total of 53 so far). You’ll be able to search through hundreds of examples they created to help encourage trust with their users. We hope it will inspire and help you address the specific trust problems you’re facing.

INDUSTRY TRAINING: We’re also continuing to share best practices for earning trust with the wider journalism community. We have lined up a variety of trainings and workshops in the coming year and would love to come to a conference or event near you. (Let us know if you’d like us to come where you are.)

A NEW UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP: The University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications has come onboard as our latest academic partner. Their faculty will provide research support and also help recruit and train newsroom partners throughout the state of Georgia.

CONTINUING ACADEMIC RESEARCH: We’re taking some of our newsroom strategies and testing them in a controlled environment with help from the team at the Center for Media Engagement. Stay tuned for those results in the next few months.

MORE NEWSROOM TESTING: We’re in the process of identifying what we want to test next in newsrooms. Once we have those strategies identified we’ll be on the lookout for the best newsrooms to work with. Let us know if you’re interested by filling out this form.

Cheers to 2019!

Trusting News

Updates from the Trusting News project team: Follow along as we demystify trust in news and empower journalists to demonstrate credibility and actively earn trust.

Joy Mayer

Written by

Joy Mayer

Engagement strategist. Director of Adjunct faculty at Poynter. Community manager for Gather. Mom to Thing One + Thing Two.

Trusting News

Updates from the Trusting News project team: Follow along as we demystify trust in news and empower journalists to demonstrate credibility and actively earn trust.

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