I’ve been reading a lot of content on entrepreneurship lately. Having been dissatisfied with my boring desk job, pretty much from the start, I have finally gotten serious about striking out on my own.

Now, I realize I can read everything in the world and without action I’ll still be stuck. The problem is that I have been so focused on my end goal of leaving my current job, I have been paralyzed. With no real idea of what I want to do, I haven’t been taking any steps towards the end goal.

I’ve found myself constantly asking what can I do?! How can I fund this project? I’m sure any other entrepreneurs out there have experienced these thoughts at some point.

There have been a couple posts recently that have inspired me to action. One talked about committing one hour of your day to your side project and the other discussed using the 1% rule to improve yourself every day.

After I read through these I realized that I have been going about things all wrong. Instead of focusing on my end goal and trying to work backwards from that, I need to spend time each day being creative.

Applying the two concepts, one hour per day to improve 1%, I am going to be focusing on improving my writing. One hour of free writing every day. Maybe along the way I will stumble upon some brilliant idea. Maybe not. But I will learn to trust the process.