To what extent Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) such as blockchain can be used to fight global pandemics?

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Mar 31, 2020 · 2 min read

by Philippe Nadouce

The uncontrolled worldwide spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) shows us that our health systems are struggling to resist systematic and indiscriminate privatization policies. The neoliberals argue that the reason for this collapse comes from policies that have not gone far enough regarding privatizations. On the other side of the political spectrum, the unprecedented health catastrophe that we are going through today may be simply due to the cuts in health budgets of the last 30 years.

But let’s leave the ideological struggles for the post Coronavirus crisis; it will, for sure, be rather intense and full of twists and turns. Let’s rather look at what blockchain could do for us in these difficult times. Next Trustless Ecosystems 2030 session on Tuesday, 7 April (our first virtual meet up) will focus on Self- Sovereign — identity and our guests will discuss how SSI and DLTs could eventually help modern societies to fight pandemics.

Ankur Banejee, head of Engineering at IDWorks is currently building the best enterprise software stack for self-sovereign digital identity (SSI).

Marta Piekarska-Geater, director of Ecosystems at Hyperledger knows the Hyperledger Indy project (On self-sovereign identity) and will give us her invaluable insights on the matter.

Shiv Aggarwal, is the CEO of MyEarth.Id. He is building a decentralized identity management platform, with a vision of providing a Universal Id to all Human Beings.

Nick Mothershaw, is Chief Executive of the Open Identity Exchange, a member’s organisation whose goal is to make it easier for consumers, organisations and “things” to trust each other when interacting online. He also knows about to make IDs interoperable across sector.

Keerti Thomas is founder of Bertify, a tech company developing solutions to provide secure digital identity and credentials for vulnerable children in foster care and healthcare workers/nurses in the UK.

All together we will try to answer whether Blockchain technology is a tool to assist with various aspects of containing the outbreak and could the use of blockchain in the health care industry help to prevent future pandemics?

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