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Who will win the race : CBDCs, Libra or Bitcoin?

Laura Degiovanni
May 7, 2020 · 2 min read

This was the final question to panellists of yesterday’s webinar: “CBDCs: what’s in for businesses?”

It was the first Trustless Ecosystems 2030 focused on digital currencies and I can say without doubt it successfully delivered what was promised: a lively controversial debate about the future of money. I am glad to see the community growing and I welcome new members who bring in valuable food for brain for everyone. That’s just how I see the future of blockchain: creating valuable collaborative interoperable and transparent ecosystems.

We are definitely not yet where Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to drive us, however we are in the journey.

A massive thank you for their generous participation to Aleksander Berentsen — professor of Economics at the faculty of business and economics at the University of Basel. John Velissarios — Global blockchain lead at Accenture, Nick Gogerty — founder at SolarCoin, Paul Tiley CTO at CoinPass, and Patrick Bucquet — Partner at Chappuis Halder and finally to Philippe Nadouce -moderating the panel.

A video of the Q&A session will be soon available on Trustless Ecosystems 2030 YouTube channel . Slides of presentations kindly made available by speakers can be downloaded here.

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