TrustNote Bi-Weekly Update (Week 23~24)

Without any doubt, the first half of June has been an intense month for everyone here at TrustNote. I can’t wait to share our progress with you right now!

TrustNote Bi-Weekly Update (Week 23 ~ 24)

Software Development

iToken Smart Token Platform

  • The iToken platform has been officially released! It supports both English and Chinese for now, we welcome our community members can help us translate them into other languages. There are 55 different tokens have being created by our users, now it is your turn to create your own!

Main Chain

  • Our developers are working on the first upgrade of the main chain. The upgrade would include performance improvement as well as bug fixes.
  • In response to some developers’ requests, TrustNote’s Testnet is expected to be released on July. We will provide TTT test token (free) for testing so developers can test their new features for free.
  • Meanwhile, TrustNote developer platform is under development right now and it is expected to be released to developers on July.


  • We just released the latest version of our wallet (Version number: V1.1.7) it can be downloaded from our website now.
  • See the last project update for the changes went into this release.


We are happy to announce that TTT is is now tradable with CNY (Chinese Yuan) and USDT on the KeepBTC exchange since June 8th.

We are working hard to get TTT listed in other cypto-currency exchanges. Due to the fact of the high cost of listing tokens on some of the large crypto-currency exchanges, we will take the necessary measures to balance the cost and the return, please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to protect the long-term interest of our supporters.

We always take notes of your feedback, so please don’t be shy and just tell us where and how we can improve by leaving your comments below.

To learn more about TrustNote’s development progress, existing and upcoming news, stay tuned here, or join us on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or Linkedin!

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