TrustNote Bi-Weekly Update (Week 25~26)

Hello everyone, this is Sunny, community manager @TrustNote, nice to meet everyone here. I am happy to take a quick tour with you to explore the great achievements we have made over the past two weeks!

As always, let’s start from the progress on our software development!

Main Chain

  • The biggest update from software development is our first system upgrade on the TrustNote main chain was completed. Since our main chain was launched in January 2018, the number of users continues to grow. Up to now, we have 51K+ user addresses on the main chain. Along with the increasingly popular user adoption, we believe the main chain will enjoy higher performance and improved scalability after this upgrade.
Address and Unit Summary on TrustNote Main Chain (Source:
  • We also made some good progress on the upcoming TrusteNote developers network. 5 modules including SDK & Tools, Samples, Documentation, Task and Communication are available right now, the 1st version will be launched in early July. For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands dirty, you can click here for a sneak preview, we welcome all sorts of feedback and questions from you!
TrustNote Developers Network Sneak Preview


Along with the main chain upgrade, 2 versions of the wallet were released (v1.1.8 and v1.1.9), basically we are adding more features to make our super wallet even better:

  • Added a new feature called T-code to provide a quick and efficient way to transfer a small number of tokens. T-code supports all sorts of transactions among TRC20 tokens.
  • Users will get automatic push notification if a new wallet version is available.
  • The new wallet is fully integrated with the upgraded main chain, local wallet data are synced to the DAG ledger so it can be recovered after a wallet re-install.
  • For native wallet app development, we have completed all modules on both Andriod and iOS, the 1st version will be released in July.
  • You can find the latest wallet from TrustNote official website. If you experience any issue to download the wallet, you can get it from our Github release folder directly or even built it from source!

iToken Platform

  • If you ever used our iToken Platform recently, you will find the process to issue your own token has been further improved, it is much clearer and easier to use now, also faster than before.
  • We also added a cool feature called Token Market to help you search any of the tokens issued on our platform, and view the details online.
Token statistics page on iToken Platform

Our Community Activities

TrustNote attended 2018 World Blockchain Conference Wuzhen Session

From June 28th to June 30th, the 2018 World Blockchain Conference was launched at Wuzhen. The event was held by China’s leading blockchain news platform 8BTC, and it is one of the biggest events in the blockchain world, well-known blockchain entrepreneurs, thought leaders, CEOs of fin-tech companies around the world all were getting there to present their latest ideas.

Jeff, founder of TrustNote was invited to attend the Wuzhen summit and gave a keynote speech on innovations TrustNote made for tokenized applications. TrustNote also won the award for the best blockchain newcomers at the conference!

After the conference, we held a meetup to meet our lovely community members, it was a great opportunity for both TrustNote developers and TrustNote fans to have a face to face catch-up, to share ideas and answer questions. The feedback about our iToken platform is very positive, we are truly grateful to our community for your interest and support, and we are looking forward to meeting you in our upcoming meetup stops at Tokyo and Sydney!

What’s Coming Next?

TrustNote was invited to attend another big event ‘2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference Tokyo Session’ on July 4th and July 5th. As one of the important guests, Jeff will give a speech about the smart token network and the ultra fast iToken platform developed with TrustNote technology.

Media Reports

After Jeff’s recent interview by The Industry Spread, an Australia based premium news and information portal for the global trading industry, an in-depth analysis of the The Next Generation of Blockchain Takes Flight was published. It is always nice to let more people get to know us and what we are doing!

One more thing!

The last good news I want to share with you is that we are so happy to see more and more people following TrustNote and sharing our activities on Twitter. If you want to know the latest news about us, please follow us on Twitter!

We always take notes of your feedback, so please don’t be shy and just tell us where and how we can improve by leaving your comments below.

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