TrustNote calling for developers to help improve mining process

TrustNote recently launched the TrustNote 2.0 Alpha testnet, allowing mining of $TTT-test tokens. TrustNote is now calling on developers to help make improvements to the mining interface. Participating developers can earn rewards in the new TFans token, which will provide a share of the TrustNote foundation’s mining revenue once the TrustNote 2.0 minable mainchain is launched.

Building the World’s First Minable DAG Public Ledger Together

TrustNote is the world’s first minable DAG public ledger. The minable mainchain will be launched in Q3 2019, but it is already possible to try out the mining process on TrustNote’s 2.0 Alpha testnet.

Full documentation and the latest mining clients are available from TrustNote’s GitHub repository. TrustNote uses the Equihash mining algorithm, which is compatible with both CPU and GPU mining. The testnet currently only supports CPU-based mining, but GPU mining functionality will be added in the near future.

Vigorous alpha and beta testing will ensure the success of the TrustNote minable mainchain. It also provides an opportunity to make improvements to the mining process before the mainchain goes live. For example, developers could create an improved GUI for the mining client. A useful FAQ on the testnet mining process is available here.

Although the $TTT-test token mined on the testnet is not the same as the tradable mainnet $TTT token, the TrustNote foundation will reward testnet participants with both $TTT and TFans tokens. TFans tokens will also be allocated to contributing developers.

TFans Token: Rewarding the TrustNote Community

TrustNote’s TFans token has been designed to give contributors on-going rewards for their help in TrustNote’s development. Holders of the TFans token will receive a share of 10% of all mining revenue generated once TrustNote’s minable mainnet goes live. This share of mining revenue will be pegged to the amount of TFans tokens held.

TFans is a TRC20 token that can be stored in the same wallet as TrustNote’s main $TTT token. You can read more information about the TFans token here.

How to Participate

The call for developers to help improve the mining process is part of TrustNote’s incentive program for contributing developers. A full guide to the developers’ incentive program is available here.

Developers are free to pursue any improvements they feel could improve the mining process. Maybe you have an idea that could make the mining client easier to use, or perhaps you’d like to design a mining client interface for use on different operating systems, graphic card, or IoT devices.

TrustNote is building a network that can be used by anyone using any device. Your contributions will be highly appreciated in helping TrustNote’s development, and contributors will receive rewards for their input.