TrustNote Weekly Update (Week 21)

TrustNote Weekly Update (Week 21)

We have made some further progress in the last week. Take a look at what we have achieved, and what are the exciting news about us.

Software Development


TrustNote Main Chain
  • We are continuing optimize our code base under TrustME-PoW development stage 1 including changes to the database configuration, a workaround for Hub connection error (further investigation are still underway).
  • We also finished a one page document for TrustNote Overview , expecting to be released next week.
  • We have started our research work on the TrustME-SPV (SPV stands for Simplified Payment Verification).


  • We made some additional changes to TextCoin (beta) before it’s scheduled release this week. TextCoin is a cool feature which allows anyone to send crypto-currencies or digital assets via email or chat apps using a T code. T code can be transmitted to people using email, whatsapp or other chat apps, when someone receives the T code, he can get the crypto-currency or digital assets by simply click on the T code.
  • We are currently working on the time locked wallet feature.
  • We fixed the bug of address storing error when recovering the cold wallet, and when recovering the wallet after changed the mnemonic.

iToken Platform

  • iToken Platform in Chinese currently is under beta testing, we have received bug reports from our community and we are working on fixing those bugs, special thanks to those lovely friends who are participating the tests!
  • We are working on the English version of the IToken platform and an updated design, expected to be released soon, stay tuned!


  • To demonstrate one of the use cases of TRC20 token specification in the online gaming industry, our developers are supporting a HTML5 based blockchain game running on TrustNote, expected to be released next month.

Our Community Activities

Starting last week, iToken’s (beta) is available for public testing.

The Public Beta Testing Ends on May 31, 2018(Beijing Time)

During testing period, public users can get TTT test tokens for free from HERE.

The META Union

The META Union

On May 26th, at the Beijing National Aquatics Center, the META Union was launched by TrustNote (TTT), Matrix AI Network (MAN), Achain, Aurora, and Elastos. As a member of the alliance, TrustNote gave a presentation to share the development and applications of DAG based blockchain technology. All members agreed to join hands with each other to facilitating decentralized innovations, transforming innovative ideas into real world applications, and promoting blockchain technology around the world.

The Youth Education On Chain Alliance

Jeff shares his insights in the forum

On May 27th, Jeff Zhou, Founder of TrustNote, attended Tsinghua University’s Blockchain Education & Industrial Innovations Forum, shared his insights that based on his own research, today’s decentralized ledger technologies including the ones used by Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS.IO, currently have no scalable ways to support high concurrent transactions. Jeff started the TrustNote project after thoroughly researched the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based ledger technology and realized a DAG based blockchain is the ultimate answer to address today’s blockchain’s many issues including scalability.

The Youth Education On Chain Alliance was also founded in the venue during the event and TrustNote is proud to be part of the alliance.

We always take notes of your feedback, so please don’t be shy and just tell us where and how we can improve by leaving your comments below.

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