TruWeekly: Raising the Bar on Arguments

Preethi Kasireddy
Jul 28 · 3 min read
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Our mission is to enable productive debate.

There are two parts to this: There’s “productive”, and there’s “debate”. Let’s start with “debate”.

Why “debate”? Why can’t we just “discuss”?

Well, we aren’t just debating for the sake of debate — that would be a waste of time. Our debates serve a more meaningful purpose: To understand each other, surface nuanced viewpoints, and hopefully elucidate answers.

As far as I know, debate is by far THE MOST POWERFUL medium to achieve these three things.

But to fully achieve them, debates have to be carried out correctly. That’s where the “productive” part comes in! Before we get to that though, we have to address the “elephant in the room”:

How do we keep debates from spiraling into a fight?

How do we keep Debates from Becoming toxic?

The current state of internet culture made one thing painfully clear to us: If we want to achieve our mission, we had to reformulate how we interact with one another.

Knee-jerk reactions, hot-takes, and close-mindedness weren’t going to cut it. Not only do they fail to add any real value to debates, but they also hinder progress. Unfortunately, they’ve become part and parcel of almost every internet debate.

To preserve TruStory’s integrity, we defined a set of Values and Guidelines last year. In turn, these principles and rules laid the foundation for the most vital aspect of TruStory: Community.

Our community helps keep things sane. That’s why we’re laser-focused on building the right one.

Our community set the ethos, culture, and nature of the interactions on the platform. This is the main reason why we are still invite-only despite a rapidly growing waitlist.

We think this is an important time to set the foundation right — with the right people, values, and incentives — so that when we do choose to scale TruStory, new community members will carry on the same culture defined by the early members. As the saying goes…

How do we Ensure Debates Are Meaningful?

It’s one thing to keep conversations from getting toxic. But that’s only half of the equation for a successful debate. Let’s now return to the “productive” part.

Here’s how you know if a debate was productive: You walk away from it more informed than when you walked into it.

So, how does TruStory accomplish that? This is where the quality of Arguments comes into the picture.

As part of our community-building efforts, we teach our top contributors how to write high-quality Arguments. Since Alpha launched in late April, we’ve seen over 2,000 Arguments on the platform. This mountain of data has allowed us to understand what makes a good Argument and what makes a bad one.

With these insights, we created training material and began running private training sessions for our top contributors. The results have been extraordinary!

Soon, we’ll be opening these high-quality Argument training sessions up to the broader community.

Stay tuned ;)

The new “Not Helpful” functionality

On this note of keeping Argument quality high, we just wired up the “Not Helpful” functionality!

The “Not Helpful” functionality is used to penalize and remove Arguments that do not add value to the debate.

I created a short video to explain How & When to use “Not Helpful”:

Please take a few minutes to watch it.

We are going to be closely monitoring the usage of this new feature on-chain and make improvements as we learn how the community uses it.

Thank you for reading! Together, we shall keep raising the bar for Arguments 🙌

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TruStory App

A social network where people debate both sides of an Argument (

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