Living the Psychic Life: an interview with Kris Cahill — Part 1

“The kind of readings I want to do is to help people change. It’s not up to me how they change and I’m not judging them for changing or not changing, but I want the energy to move. That’s the point of doing this for yourself or with others.” — Kris Cahill
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Who am I? I’ve identified with being a healer starting way before my first meditation class back in 1999. Like most of you, I was quite empathic growing up. It’s one of those things that can be unusual for people because it isn’t necessarily accepted or validated in society. After 17 years of training and professional experience, I joyfully play in the game of life as a highly aware, creative-psychic-sensitive-thingy.

I created Truth of the Matter to promote unconventional perspectives on all types of compelling subjects that inspire new actions and considerations in the world. My commitment with this publication is to investigate the truth of ideas through my experiences and the lens of fearless creatives that provoke inspiration in all who read it.

I’m also just a curious person at heart. This is why I’m starting the publication with a weekly series of interviews that explore lifestyle with really cool people. I was immediately drawn to sharing the lifestyle of a psychic and couldn’t have thought of a better person to begin the conversation with — Kris Cahill, a psychic teacher and healer in Los Angeles, California.

In this interview, we talk about a variety of subjects from being psychic to creating art to spiritual activism. I hope you enjoy Part 1 of this fascinating perspective. There is more to come from Kris, in addition to all of the other folks I’m going to share with you in the coming weeks. Fasten your seat belts…or maybe not, depending on how you want to live the next part of your journey.

— Ryan Fukuda

What does psychic mean to you?

KC (Kris Cahill): It’s been one of my goals as a psychic to consciously deprogram the word. Using the word and not hiding.

I define the word psychic one way for students, potential clients, and people who ask me because the old definition has to do with being a fortune teller or being somebody who has special powers that other people don’t have. For a long time, I had a blog and radio show called Psychic Everyday because I see psychic as everyday. These are senses that you have that are built in and we have been trained to not listen to them, but they are very normal. To me, being a psychic is being able to have access to other aspects of myself that really help me. On a daily basis, I use it for everything now and don’t even think about it half the time. It’s not thinking, it’s being. It’s taken me awhile to get here, because in the beginning I was very afraid to say I’m psychic or a psychic teacher. In the past, I was very afraid to talk about it. When I’m at a party, people will ask me, “What do you do?”, and say, “I’m psychic”…but then I look at them and say, “and so are you” (laughs).

RF (Ryan Fukuda): What are people’s reactions to that?

KC: Most people will say “really?!, do you have a card?” I’ve gotten that at so many parties or just meeting friends of people. I might hear from them or not, but they’re gonna go to my website. They’re gonna go check me out and they may or may not like it. It might take them a year or two to schedule with me. Sometimes, it takes people a long time to allow themselves to open up to receiving something like that. I see being psychic as being open to your spirit. It’s all about your spirit and there’s a level of trust. It’s not some weird thing that you don’t have control over. It’s about some really cool thing that you might actually turn on and use in a conscious way.

Do you consider being psychic a lifestyle?

KC: I never really looked at it like that before, but I do see it as a lifestyle. Rather than go into a thing I’m stuck in, my first inclination is not to go get help that is maybe traditional or even to run it through someone else. I go, “Gosh, let me see if I can look at this for myself”…and if I can’t see it, I’ll sure as heck ask one of my clairvoyant friends and say, “Hey, can you look at something for me.” I’m sitting in this thing I’m going through and they won’t judge it. I know they won’t judge it and they’ll laugh at me. I’ll go “Hey, thank you for laughing at me?”. I see it is a lifestyle because the energy clears so quickly.

I know how much I’ve healed so much of myself physically since I’ve turned on my abilities. It’s changed my entire health. I’ve always had an attitude about it. I wasn’t going to take on the family karma on a physical body level. I’m not going to have diabetes. I’m not going to have heart disease. I’m not going to have this or that, and I don’t. But you see, if I hadn’t done the work of getting in my body and using my abilities to get there, I’d probably have some of that. I don’t judge anyone who does, I just see this as a lifestyle. It’s about using your energy to run your life consciously as opposed to letting other energies that are not you running your life. Psychic means being sensitive to or aware of energies. It also means, “of the soul”.

Photo by: Ryan Fukuda

RF: This is not a good or a bad thing, but I think its the way you’re being psychic that I see is a little different.

What makes the way you’re being psychic unique?

KC: Since I was really young I had this knowing on some level that I could heal myself. I had no idea what that meant but it caused me to get in fights with doctors growing up. My mother, the traditional nurse, would be horrified at me not letting “the doctor” put his energy in my crown chakra (meaning take ownership over me) even though I didn’t know those words at the time, but I knew something. From an early age, I saw myself as a healer, but not being aware of that. I was an out of control healer because I was trying to heal and fix everyone else. This led me to learn how to separate my energy from others and that was the clairvoyant training. I’m really grateful for the training that I had. I think it was a phenomenal training and the more people I meet who work and practice on different levels from all different kinds of training, the more grateful I am to the body and spirit connection that was a big part of my training. It was really the main point and that’s what I’ve been fully committed to. It’s about bringing spirit into body and making it real.

I meet with and work with practitioners of all different types of styles and a lot of them don’t know about grounding or it’s not as important to them. They’re really great healers and they’re really good out there, yet its a different level for them to come in and ground it in the body or they might need someone else to keep them grounded. I don’t need that…and also I have an attitude about it (laughs). Really though, I love this and it really works, but I know it’s not for everyone. I know not everyone wants to go through this route and I don’t expect them to. I’m interested working with people as a psychic and a clairvoyant. I’m interested in working with people who want to do their own work. I say to brand new clients, “I look at the energy of whatever you’re working on but my goal is to help you see it more clearly so you can do your work”. Healing work can be part of that, but I make it clear. “I’m not the one that heals you…you’re the one that heals you”.

From here, I want to segue into your take on being empathic?

KC: That’s a big word these days. It has been for years. I see an empath being sensitive to everything, but I see it as a level of mediumship too. It’s about really getting in your “space” (meaning your aura or the energy field around you) which can include your body and spirit. It’s really about your ability and getting in charge of all of that.

An example I’ve been using for years with my students about explaining “space” is it’s like having a room or home where you have a thermostat and you set the temperature for yourself and then somebody comes along and changes it to their preference…but it’s your home and it all changes. That’s what I mean by it’s your space. What is your setting? How do you feel? Is this your energy? A lot of people don’t even know that they’re not the one in charge of their energy and I don’t judge that. I use to be that way. I honestly did not know for years and sometimes I still don’t (laughs).

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being able to be the one running your own life. One of the ways you know that it’s working is that it’s less effort and stuff is working for you. It can be fun and magical actually. It’s not the Abracadabra magic, although somebody wrote recently this thing I got posted in my office — WORDS CAST A SPELL. That’s why its called Spelling. Abracadabra!

I see all of this as magical from the perceptive of what a picture or energy I see does too. What I mean is, if you have a self-identity picture that says “somehow there is something wrong with you” or your body is bad” or “you’re wrong”, there is an energy in your space and you’re not the one in charge. Bodies need to be cared for and loved and so do spirits. Then, there’s also the mind. I don’t do mindfulness meditation, but a lot of people do and I don’t necessarily see it as the same thing as bringing body and spirit together. It’s not a diss at mindfulness, it’s just a different way of working and it works for a lot of people just like transcendental meditation where it’s actually going out of the body.

RF: There are some people out there who don’t recognize that they have these abilities and are doing it already.

What do you think its going to take for individuals who need to prove something is scientifically or intellectually real before they can grasp the ideas of clairvoyance and/or being a psychic or healer?

KC: For them individually, it might take many different things. We can’t make somebody else see it. You can’t prove it and you don’t have to. It’s like proving to somebody how you feel. You can’t prove how you feel. You can express to someone how you feel. You can tell someone that you feel this way, but it’s their choice to believe you or not. You can communicate about energy until you’re blue in the face to someone and say, “hey, you got this thing” and they may not want to see it. Somebody who is working at a very logical level…if that’s where they are at all the time, I’m sorry, but they’re limited. Doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I’ve known some very amazing, logical, really smart people who are also these great healers and they don’t know it and they take on everyone’s stuff. They really do care, but their spirit was invalidated and yet they see the spirit in other people. So what I see it might take them is to go through certain experiences where they suddenly get it. Or maybe they see the spirit in a child. But what I’ve noticed that doesn’t work is trying to convince them. I’m never going to do a debate about it.

What happens when someone asks you to read their future or “tell me what I need to know”? How do you deal with something like that as a psychic?

KC: It says on my website,“I DON’T PREDICT THE FUTURE” (laughs). The reason it does is because in the very beginning when I first became a professional psychic who was out in the world, thats what I got. I haven’t told too many of my friends this yet (but now everyone is going know now if they read this) — When I first moved out to LA, and I was trying to figure out how to do this on my own, I was wondering how I create my practice outside of the school or institution I was apart of? I did all kinds of things. I gave readings at events, I gave readings at benefits or I read at friends businesses and people would often ask questions like that. Coming from the training that I did which is “there are many futures”, I just started saying that repeatedly to people. It’s something I already knew, but I would say to people “well there isn’t one future”. I started noticing that people would find that to be a relief a lot of the time. To them, it was like “I don’t have a bad karma on me” or “I have this terrible outcome”. I started learning how to do that with people I read.

So back to what I was talking about, I worked for one of those online psychic websites. I applied to three of them. I had my Chicago client base I was still giving phone readings to and then I needed to make some extra money and I didn’t have a Los Angeles client base yet.

A couple of websites looked good to me — they weren’t slimy looking — (RF laughs). I had phone interviews with three of them, but two of them turned me down: A. Because I wouldn’t predict the future and B. Because one of websites had a manager call me to give her a reading and I said “hello” to her. She had the hello, but they didn’t hire me. So what I mean by “hello” is I recognized her truth. I read her picture that she was always creating space for other people, but never for herself. It was in the context of the question she asked me about relationships. It was very funny to me, and not in a negative way.

The third one, I worked for. It was okay, but I didn’t last long because I couldn’t take it. People were coming in and pouring out their pain. Nothing changed. The kind of readings I want to do is to help people change. It’s not up to me how they change and I’m not judging them for changing or not changing, but I want the energy to move. That’s the point of doing this for yourself or with others. On my website it says, “I want to work with people who want to do their work”. I tell them very kindly. It’s more interesting to look at you personally than what’s happening outside you. Although we can look at that, because that interesting too, but not as much as you are. A lot of people don’t see how interesting they are. See that’s part of it…people are feeling helpless and they are at the beck and call of the energy out there in the world. And see this is another reason why its a lifestyle and a transformation for the planet. Spiritual Evolution baby!

RF: (laughs) I love that. Hashtag spiritual evolution.

KC: You’ll want to use that hashtag. That’s gonna be the one I use more in the coming months.

RF: …and actually that’s great because it’s exactly what I want to talk more about next. I’m seeing a lot more practicing psychics and healers coming out of the woodwork and starting to be more open and communicative in the form of speaking up or finding a sense of activism…

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Part 2 of “Living the Psychic Life: an interview with Kris Cahill” continues next week on Tuesday, August 23rd. #psychiclifestyle #spiritualactivism

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